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I was an Innocent Bystander


I was an Innocent Bystander

As some of you know, I'm wrapped up in this whole novel-writing fad that's been going on, lately. My goal this month is to write an epic novel about love, honour, revenge, and awesome technology. I'm thinking of calling it 'When Gos Throws Stones' or something equally impressive. But, today, I'm likely not going to have much progress, if my day so far has been any indicator. Just, everything has been wonky, no matter what I try to do. It's ridiculous. Also, I haven't been able to return the calls of anybody who's tried reaching me on my cell, for reasons that will become apparant shortly. My day started out normally enough. At least, until m
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Why I get Coal Every Christmas


Why I get Coal Every Christmas

It all started a good... I think decade, at this point. I was a little dumbass, and had been terrorising the other children at every chance I could, kicking puppies, just generally being a sadistic asshole. So, quite naturally, and understandably, to any rational adult, Santa placed me on the naughty list. Now, I was not a rational adult at the time, so I was pissed. Which, if you think about it from a child's point of view, is perfectly reasonable. I mean, I was still a kid, and used to presents every year. I never honestly believed that my behaviour would affect the amount of presents I received. So, you can just imagine my indignation whe

The Passing Dream


The Passing Dream

The Passing Dream By Joseph Conley When life is but a passing dream, And dreams the time awake, And life is like a subtle stream, Each moment there to take– How long I walk that winding road, The paths each take a turn; The soothing waters heal and mend A world left there to burn. Show me a dream of hope and light, Not nightmares full of sorrow. The world may yet begin anew, The hope lay in tomorrow. Now, watch the dove in airy dance; Her wings take full of flight. Away from nightmares full of fear, Away from darkest night The sun may yet shine on her face, And bring a brand new day. To light the path that shows the


The Prisoner King

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I see you've found me here. Now I've returned the favor. =D
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Thank you, kind sir, for the watch and favorites! Warned you about a lot of the content, didn't I? **chuckles**
Thanks for the watch, bro.
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Thanks for the fave on wintery witch dance

Molly : )
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Thanks for the fave on arachnid

Molly : )
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Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey...I saw ya today...and you didn't hear me when I called you. XP
Yeah, jeez Eddy, getting a bit slow in our zombie-like ways, hmm? XD