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x-men wizard cover alt

jason kieth's 1st attempt on a wizard cover...this got rejected 'cause the heroes colors aren't "obvious"...i think this one is much better than the one that ran...jason is a genius!
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love both versions
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Wow seriously, you gotta be pretty darn high-and-mighty-ish to complain about the colors and "reject" something like this.
Those warm colors are so dynamic you can almost feel the light and heat.
The drawing is amazing. I like how there's a nice contrast between Wolverine and Colossus, both in terms of colors and in terms of how Colossus is standing there like an immovable statue blocking the way whereas Wolverine is like a beast lying in wait and all pumped up and ready to kill.
This is going in my favorites!
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Whoa... they just walked out the white hot room! I love those warm colors!
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very cool huge fan
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Wow, they're really nitpicky. How dumb do you have to be not to notice who they are? Astonishing piece of work:clap:.
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so someone reading wizard doesnt know wolverine wears yellow, colossus red and white queen err white?
wtf is wrong with companies these days
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man your work is the best
i want learn to do thinks like that jajajajajaja
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This is very nice!
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hey i hav this issue!
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aw so awesome! much better than the printed, (color wise. everyone knows anything you draw is awesome!)
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I agree with you, love these colors better, make the dynamics that much better, but well, guess not his choice ^^
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the heroe's colors aren't obvious?... that's real lame. anyhoo...

i love that yellow/orange tone. kieth is a genius.
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This is freaking awsome man! :love:
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I never saw the cover that actually ran, but this one looks really REALLY bad ass. The reason for rejection seems a little... retarded. Either way, at least you two got another kick ass picture out of it!
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amazing work!!!
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The colors man,,, they just,,, they just,,, jump at cha`!! Its so freakkin` AWESOME!!
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Agreed, the colours here rock
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I need to say it... Wow! You've done great job drawing this picture! The colours are really great. The only thing I could be disappointed of are the face of Michael (you know, Colossus), which is extremely scary. I remember him from the comic as one of the most peaceful characters. I remember, when he cried by his brothers' body, this is one of my beloved moments.
The second thing, the lesser, is the mask of Wolvie :D I remember it as a bit bigger than in your pic, but it doesn't really matter, does it? :)
But even with my suggestions the pic is awesome! Good, very good job!
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I am speechless
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Dude, this picture and the colors are great. I don't know what wizard was thinking
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Some people just don't know what they're talking about. This is an awesome piece.... and the colors are perfect and I love the way Emma face and eyes appear.
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thats well cool dude
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