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XMen redo

I did this as a print for NYCC last year

inks by Dex and colors by Val Staples

it was from an XMen issue by Dave Cockrum
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Xmen strong girls lift carry baby mens
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Looks amazing!! :D
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storm is the best
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phoenix is spot on-this is gorgeous-thanks for sharing :)
Hello, Im Arturo , a creator of Inside X-men (Tumblr blog).  Do you want promotion in your art, or maybe more expectators?  Well , I like to much your art , its so cool.  

If you are interested...please let me know.  I will put your design/s , a few information about the artist(you). ;)
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These guys are total bad-arses!
love your work and draw more second team please:D
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Your work is truly amazing and I'm in awe of such amazing talent!
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Best team EVER!  Wish that Marvel would get back to this and let heroes BE heroes.  I don't read dark comics.
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This is the team I grew up on as a kid....I love your art very much!
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I love the Uncanny X-men in the 70s
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WOW...your rendition of Phoenix really channels Cockrum's version. Too cool for school.

Have to agree with Timmytorn that I wish Marvel universe was still like this.

I was never a big X-men fan but bought the Giant Size when it came out because I'd loved Cockrum's work on Legion of Superheroes.

Who knew the X-men universe would explode.

LOVED your run on Hulk. Especially A-Bomb.

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Classic goodness. Man I wish Marvels universe still looked like this.
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i really like this piece of work
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I like how your Storm looks remonstrant to how Arthur Adams draws her .  cool stuff man

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Now THAT'S the X-men I know and love!! You've done Dave Cockrum proud there! 
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Very Cockrum faithful, luv it when a penciler pays respect to the greats!!
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I've only seen ed mcguiness work on superman...this is cool!
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Ah... what memories... my favorite X-Men team ever!!!
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