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Thor smash more

another spread of Big Red getting what he needs from the God of Thunder!
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Your work is awesome!
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your work is awesome
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Thor looks terrified he looks like....

Thor: (Rapidly hitting R.Hulk) Why? Why?....Arrgh....WHY WON"T YOU STAY DOWN? DIE!! DIE!! DIE!!! RAGHR!

Anyway Wonderful Lighting Spread.....Great Work!
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LOL ya knoowww since we don't have like buttons on here I just had to say I like this comment lol highlarious
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daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaMNNN!!! He hit the mutha f**ker in the face!! BAD AZZ!!
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I don't know how Thor, being such an archaic character still manages to look awesome from time to time :) This is definitely one of those times :D
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I've read the first volume of this series, two words can describe it...pure excellence!
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Damn, this pic is crazy!Very powerful and violent, just the way I like 'em (lol)
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WOWSERS!! Awesome how much ENERGY emmerges from this pic!!
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Ooo, that's gonna leave a mark :D great and powerful illustration
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Love the lightening effect
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GREAT SHOT! the pure power in this peice is amazing, Im in awe of your stuff all the time. look forward to see this in print,

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Go Thor GO!!! Turn that red Hulk all shades of blue and purple!

Awesome pic dude.
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crazy..... very nice job on the picture
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If any Hulk can take a full-blown smash in the face from enchanted Mjolnir, he's not only strong but he's effing invulnerable. I'm thinking the Thunder God took the red guy down for the count with that one! =D Explosive dynamic layout! Great stuff here! =D
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outstanding looking as always!
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nice stuff, Thor looks brilliant.
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nice! you make thor look great, it's so easy to make him look dorky, kind of a fine line. thumbs up ;)
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