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Hulk Christmas colors

...and the colors by GuruFx
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Amazing, the muscle definition is incredible you are a highly talented artist.
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Love how playful this work is...a quality sadly lacking in the comics these days.
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Again - I just really love what you do with anatomy! It was, and is, a really fresh take on old-school tropes. Wonderful stuff!
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"Hulk has great feeling about Christmas!"
"Damn Christmas...."
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He can always crush them into diamonds with his strength.
tfif's avatar
like very cool
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Reddy Christmas!
GeotrixQueen's avatar
Lol, even Santa knows Thunderbolt was a bad boy Hulk this year.
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am i te ionly person who wants to hear rulk smash? this is great man, just love the comedic element of rulks coal
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I'm sure the Red Hulk could crush that coal into diamonds.
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bwahahahahahahha!!! this is so hilarious dude!! im so gonna make this one my wallpaper.
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Just stunning.
I love this.
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hehe.. that's what you get when you get your presents from the chimney-- charcoal! Real funny and the same exemplary art.
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naught, naughty RULK.
That's bloody hilarious!!!!! Thanks for the laugh!
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amaginz job, but the penciled version is more better than this one.
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So the big guy in Red got shortchanged by the big guy in Red?


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With the current energy crisis I think Rulk should be happier to get coal ;)
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He could always just squeez them into diamonds!
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