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Deadpool cover colored

By EdMcGuinness
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Lee Duhig did an awesome job coloring this over my pencils...thanx Lee!
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xaviir20Student Artist
They took his chimichangas nobody takes his chimichangas.
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Son-Of-BardockStudent Digital Artist
Does anyone know any YouTube tutorials to colour in work like this?
I have done so many artworks and drawings and I really feel like this colouring style would make my images look great 
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BobTheEgg General Artist
WOW... I've seem this cover everywhere, and I have to say I'm not the least bit surprised you did the pencils. They are phenomenal.
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ImperfectPurityHobbyist Digital Artist
This is a onion drawing: A layer of awesomeness, on a layer of awesomeness, on a layer of awesomeness...
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JoshuaHendryProfessional Traditional Artist
Hey man, great hangin' with you and Sanford this weekend. Your work is tight.
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DanOceanHobbyist Digital Artist
Deadpool RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I was sad I couldn't get this variant cover at my local comics store, but then the wonderful woman who runs it unexpectedly gave me TWO promotional posters of it. Woo!

P.S. By the way, you are one of my all-time favorite Deadpool artists, if I have not commented here before to say that. I actually have the black & white Wizard Deadpool cover you and Nathan did framed in my apartment. It makes me happy. Perhaps someday you will be at a con I attend and I can ask you to sign it. That would also make me happy. :)
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My god.. I cant belive they brought back widdle wade and now there is a female deadpool O.o ... I liked that cover will you upload it?

Note: U should had used Daruma as Dogpool :/
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The1BlurHobbyist Digital Artist
great colors indeed! This is nice!!
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is he biting? the head tht is, dp will get you up in the morning like nothin else
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great work man
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Heisman FTW!
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OldbehoProfessional Photographer
...and great colouring talent!
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Jam-WahProfessional Digital Artist
This is interesting. I've always loved your work on Deadpool. One of my favourite runs in comics, and some of the few comics I will never sell. But this... this just shows how much your art has evolved since then.

I mean, it's obvious to anyone who has followed your work through the years anyway, but seeing Deadpool again really hammers that point home. I'm intrigued to know how you approached this, and if it felt weird to do Deadpool again.

Now, I'm loving the art on the series right now (best it's been since UDON) but I can't help but hope to see you on interiors for at least one issue...
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TimothyMablyProfessional Writer
That's awesome. I havn't been on in a while if you havn't noticed... I was wondering if you would like to draw this comic series I've been writing. It's only viral so unfortuantly you wouldn't get paid. But I would do the cover. And the panels would only be pages. If your intrested message me or comment or something. :)
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CostumesbyCourtneyProfessional Artisan Crafter
You draw a pretty sexy Deadpool.
Yes, I know what he looks like under there. I just pretend to forget.
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haha Deadpool and Zombie Deadpool. Awsome work xD
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stumblingmonkProfessional Interface Designer
Is he playing football with his own head?
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The first time I ever saw your work was on your old Deadpool run. I will never forget how amazed by your style and skill I was.

Will you return to DP as artist (besides covers)?
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randomartmanixHobbyist Traditional Artist
For me is always wonderful to see a McGuinness Deadpool! It takes me to the good old days... ^__^ thanks!
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PHEw! Even gorgeouser than before!
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FakeRabbitHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh this is nice, great work on highlights. But who is the skull guy? And where's the background? :)
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