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Bamf! sketch

this is how I'm handling the Bamfs in the Amazing XMen...having the time of my life!
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my favourite Bamf design I kind of want to throw a Pokeball at it
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Marvel need to make a plushie of the BAMF (and maybe Doop too)! Like one of those Funko fabrication one !
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Yours are my favorite Bamfs ^^ Loved your work on the Nightcrawler arch. Heart Love 
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Dude... so dope, we gotta collab on this one hah.
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From :iconmlh70: 's ink I coloured it and credited you. Thanks for the drawing and giving me the chance to practice my colouring. :eager:

Nightcrawler by RGulrich
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I wanted to ink this for stylistic purposes. All credit will go to you.
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Awesome piece. I just had to ink and color it
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This is getting tattooed on my arms in a few weeks.
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i really loves these blue bamfs, they're cute :heart:
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I haven't seen a bamf since issue 153, you did Cockrum and Rubinstein Proud :)
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Ha Priceless Love this and man some Amazing shadowing a skill I've yet to master but wow~~
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You draw the cutest Bampfs ever *___________*
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That's cool, work.
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Ooh I would get that tattooed! Great night crawler Ed!
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So I did a little ink job for this, hope you dig it! :la:
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Hahahaha, good!!
Adorable! I can't wait for Amazing!
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This is so cool! You're gonna make me read X-men again?!
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I reckon that's the most disturbing shade of cute I've seen in a long time.
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wait till you see the red Bamfs....
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Why do I suddenly feel that I've inadvertently thrown down a gauntlet? ;)
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