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Amazing Xmen1 Pg17-18 preview pages

since its already posted's a preview of the upcoming book, Amazing XMen.

these characters are so fun to draw and I really got to know a few of them here
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Nice to see the raw pencils. Thanks for sharing!
JaimeDL's avatar
I just love your pencil work. Excellent work.
NMRosario's avatar
Of all the artists that have drawn Beast's new look, I think your interpretation is my favorite by far.  Thanks for posting this!
IMPOSI's avatar
Really great work !!! awesome pages !!!
JDB-Inks's avatar
Would like to try and ink this sometime for funsies, if that would be ok?
DifferentArtwork's avatar
I bought the comic. I really like it=)
CarlPearce's avatar
So will this be the natural successor to Wolverine & The X-Men? The artwork looks fun as hell.
JonoTheHumanTorch's avatar
x's eveeeeeerywhere
adam-palma's avatar
ChuckDLay's avatar
Love the way you draw Wolverine and Beast. Your books are def one of my faves to read/drool over.
Spider-Kingj's avatar
why are there "x"s everywhere? Is it so the inker can know to put pitch black or something?
EdMcGuinness's avatar
yep...its shorthand for adding black
Spider-Kingj's avatar
Thanks for the tip.
Geekxilla's avatar
Fire star may be my favorite marvel character.  This pic is one of your best! Call me sometime
helenacrystal1's avatar
Wow. This is so great! I love the X-Men!
Cyber-Kun's avatar
Bamfs are still a thing? Beast doesn't look like a kitty? Damn, I really have to start buying X-Men again!
Robinkss's avatar
oh my god!
this is fantastic!!
ChristianDiBari's avatar
Wow, that is epic! 
thelearningcurv's avatar
so much fun! When does this come out?!

KurttyFan's avatar
November 6th is when issue 1 drops.
thelearningcurv's avatar
Honored1's avatar
looks like you had fun
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