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Amazing X-Men cover

Most excited I've been in awhile...bringing back Nightcrawler in November!

inks by me...color by Marte
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Doesn't get much more Nightcrawler than this.
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Kurt at his best!
I'm loving this comic so much! I have this poster hanging in my room :). You did an amazing job.
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Dude That is Nightcrawler YESSSSS!!
GORGEOUS! This so very beautiful! If there is an afterlife, I'm sure Dave Cockrum must smiling down at what you and Mr. Aaron are doing here!
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Kurt´s back!?!?!?
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I can't tell you how excited I was when I heard that!!Finally, Kurt back!!!:D
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Nightcrawler has always been my favorite X-men character, this is an awesome rendition of him and well deserved of a spot on the cover!
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I am both glad and disappointed that Marvel is bringing back yet another character from the dead. I love Nightcrawler, but his death had so much impact that bringing him back seems to negate all that emotional stuff. Also, as much as I'm always glad to see your artwork, Ed, I am so tired of so many damn X-titles and Avengers titles. What is this, like the eighth X-Men book? Enough! Still, this is an awesome cover and I will more than likely buy the first issue. Because I'm a sucker.
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Fantastic cover, this is how I like to see Nightcrawler the most! Thank you for bringing back the "magic" in Nightcrawler!
BEAUTIFUL!  The elf in ALL his glory!!!
Your pencils rock, can't wait for Nightcrawlers return!!
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this awesome, dude! always enjoyed Nightcrawler:)
Looking forward to this book. :D
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I effin love your stuff fella. :-)
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man...that's means a lot to me...thanx Liam!
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I thought Night crawlers face was black not blue and then a shade of black. like a pitch black face.
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naw...that's Drizzt


Nightcrawler is "officially" indigo blue but he's constantly surrounded by dimensional distortion related to his teleporting ability


that causes him to be in shadow even in the brightest day.


nerd up.

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Yea dude my memory of x-men clone wars 2. Yea I looked on the internet to see night crawler again. 1st time I seen night crawler was on that game x-men clone wars 2 on the sega genesis. I loved that game. I never beat it tho. Can you help me beat it? eww nvm that sounds awful. 
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oh hellz to the yea!!!!!
i lost my shit when he died and when i heard he was coming back i needed a change of pants hahaha

juust one question, seeing as there's been updates in costumes and appearance with beast, storm,
and cyclops' team, will we be seeing some sort of update with kurt?
he's my all time favorite marvel character so i think about that a lot haha

love nightcrawler, love x-men, love pirates... amazing job!!!
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I'm too much of a fan of the original Dave Cockrum design...I haven't liked any of the updated costumes on him so I say old is new



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