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Please vote for my entry in DeviantArt Musically Inspired T-Shirt Design Challenge!

Just click the "I want this" button! :3 That's all. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!

Design Description:

Life without music is a life without any life at all. Music brings out the best in us. It lifts the spirit within and it portrays emotions that are trapped within us. It let's us feel comfort, entertained and it heals our soul. It opens the passage right directly to our heart!

Music knows no color! By all means I know you already know what it meant by no color. It is the universal language that is well used and knows no boundaries to who we are. Whether we're Caucasians, Africans or Mongoloid. We are entitled to listen to good music! It brings people in unity! When we go to the concert of our favorite band, linger the taste of beautiful music and it makes us jump in tune with the sound. Let me ask you, while jumping and rooting for that favorite band of yours. Have you notice who's beside you? Who's in your front? I bet you won't deny that at that moment when you were having fun in that live concert you barely noticed that there's someone with a different kind of person right beside you. :)

May it be an asian, an american, or an african. We all know that music unites us all and brings us to a common place with common interests. It defies limits and boundaries . . . . and so does racism. :) So rock on and party hard!!!! MUSIC IS FREE!!!! LIVE WITH IT! AND DIE WITH IT!!! \m/
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Why would you make something that's not even a valid entry then spend so much time asking people to vote for it? :lol:
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I got in the top 100, and the contest is already over. :)
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Yeah, I just realised the beige background isn't part of the desigh. :slow:
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Congratulations Master
sarjan's avatar
great job man!
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I love this. And I'm proud of being a Filipino! :salute:
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you got my vote, love ur title
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[link] sort%3Atime&qo=483&catpath=designbattle/music&order=5&offset=483
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Great sepia tone design I love the collaboration and gathering of the cultures and ethnicities to only be joined with music! Music is the languge of all cultures! Please check out my tee!
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i like the idea... and the art is great. the white guy is prominent in the front, and maybe it would be an idea to take each person and put them in the front, since they may be a different color person who feels their race should be up front (or is he hispanic? idk).
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Nice one, I really like it!
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Its cool! I've voted for them,
Here you can see my pourpose:

if you like it vote them please.

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This is pretty cool!
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voted :) good luck :D
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You have a very nice message and a brilliantly executed design.
For some reason I just find the text really hard to read.
Please check out my music shirt and vote: [link]
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nice work. i really like it

check out mine
Design 1: [link]
Design 2: [link]
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:3 Thankkkk you! :D
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nice design... really i love colours .. i vote for it
EdlouieArts's avatar
Thankkksss man!
Don't worry will vote for you too.
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...\m/(*_*)\m/...voted for it :)
Check my [link] ..Please vote for my design as well ..Best wishes for you
EdlouieArts's avatar
No problem! thanks man! Will vote for your entry too!
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..thanks alot WanderingPen..every vote counts alot to me..I voted for yours've done a really fabulous job :)
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