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Emerald Tower

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Wonderful work!
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Your work is being sold here [link] without permission I believe. Please check it out!
It's Halaa from Nagrand, Outland, World of Warcraft.
Great work!
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Wow, utterly mesmerizing! I can't stop staring at the curved contours of the tower and the spots where the emerald shines brightly. Not only the tower, but the waterfall and rising mist create such a peaceful and beautiful scene. I love the minor details, like the birds and tree backdrop too!
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Fantastic work!
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That's really interesting =) I love the background work as well, nice and detailed.
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I love that it seems to latch onto the cliff.
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Great designing here. Looks like an extension to the Wizard of Oz.
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This is a great design and pic
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a bit of sci-fi and a bit of fantasy
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I like this quite a lot, it looks like an alien propped up a random installation in the middle of an old countryland. :)
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wow wow wow
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breath taking
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It's really good! :love:
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nice shapes like the "tentacle" concept, just getting some troubles wit hthe green and the bridge on the left is may be floating a little on the grass, lack of shadow i think
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Breath taking, stunning,wishing for it as real
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stunning image really sweet. good job!
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You're always great!
I'll write you as soon as possible. Great projects for the future (and on May my first novel will be out finally!)
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Warning : Incoming Nerdy Statement....]

Looks like the Draenei starting zone.... xD

Love it, nice work
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