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Big bad wolf

Where are you going little girl

You can buy a print here…
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I love how you go with the wicked eyes that are always described in the story.
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Wow putain!... Mais si je me retrouve en face de ça... Je crois que j'aurais juste envie de me suicider instantanément pour pas me faire dévorer salement par ce "loup" ou de me réveiller tellement j'aurais du mal à croire qu'un loup puisse être aussi horrible O_O
Bravo pour ça Edli! Ta réussi un truck difficile à faire dans un dessin. Non seulement le dessin est tres beau, mais en plus il en ressort une "aura maléfique". Du fait du visage du loup associer à tout le reste qui participe à l'horreur.

Nous faire ressentir cette aura c'est ce qui fait que ton dessin est plus que juste un beau dessin.
Encore Bravo!
JinxedWolfXD's avatar
AWESOME so spooky and creepy Werewolf Howl 
Amazing!  Sends chills down my spine.
rc48177's avatar
Oh look. Something that isn't furry fanart. Well golly gee, this sure is strange.Sarcasm Sign - Emoticon 
ehsan619's avatar
Meowth79's avatar
DOH MY GOSH!  That makes my heart rate go up just looking at it....   Fear  
tara-fairy's avatar
Wolf attack on titan!!!
LillyCadaver's avatar
"What am I doing? Running. Away from the tremendous amounts of Nope." xD:scared: 
AllieOllie's avatar
holy shit, DEM EYES
B-0-0-N's avatar
dem crazy eyes :fear:
Mistikfantasy's avatar
the atmosphere is creepy
verityfaith98's avatar
The first thing I see is those insane eyes.  I'm going to go burn my fairytale books now.....
Wolfprintz's avatar
That is incredibly creepy..
sidetrack1's avatar
Interesting in how it's not so much the body design or even the design of the head but that face.The Cheshire grin particulary this creepy a--- engraving by AF of Alacon that still bugs me to this day…

AnimeLycan's avatar
That wolf's face. >XD Just makes me say, "OH. S#@&."
jrholford's avatar
nowhere near sane. love it
SnapCentino's avatar
Red Riding Hood: Umm...


Big Bad Wolf: Now there's an idea...

Me: Oh damn...

Big Bad Wolf: I'll make you my bitch!
Spinogrl2000's avatar
Him and smile dog must be long lost brothers :iconrealsmiledogplz:
Desstile's avatar
That really is a BIG bad wolf!
TheOtherBatman's avatar
This is pretty awesome!
xgalaxies's avatar
Now that is a terrifying situation to be in...
AngelKG's avatar
I love this!
emo-boys-are-hot1's avatar
i seriously "holy shit" 'ed when i saw his face i mean seriously i suddered thts just scury......... damn nature you scary :icondamnplz: love it though
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