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Human Pikachu By Editedreality-dckg5iw by editedreality Human Pikachu By Editedreality-dckg5iw :iconeditedreality:editedreality 0 0 HUMAN EEVEE by editedreality HUMAN EEVEE :iconeditedreality:editedreality 0 0 [BETA/PREVIEW] HUMAN EEVEE by editedreality [BETA/PREVIEW] HUMAN EEVEE :iconeditedreality:editedreality 0 1
the story of ashchu part 18
sorry for any typos that may occur my keyboard is dodgy
"Boss i have brung the twerp and the pikachu" said a figure
"good job jessie" said the boss "what should we do to them?"
"well after all the pain they sent us through i think we should do something pretty cool" replied jessie
"and what may that be?" asked the boss
"you will see" Jessie answered walking off
pikachu woke up with ash next to him and leant up instantly waking him up "you okay ash?"
ash woke up looking at pikachu for a while
"ash?" pikachu asked "you okay?"
"who are you?" asked ash confused
"ash are you okay!?" pikachu asked more concerned
ash nodded realising it was pikachu
pikachu looked at his paws seeing as ash was looking at him strangely he noticed he now had human hands "what!"
ash took a step back watching pikachu stand up
pikachu looked around him he was in a forest he also no
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the story of ashchu part 17
sorry for any typos that may occur my keyboard is dodgy
ash collapsed from the pain
pikachu looked at him concerned "you okay?"
ash shook his head gritting his teeth
pikachu looked around seeing someone walking towards them
"hey you okay?" the person asked seeing ash
Pikachu pointed at ash still concerned
the figure smiled menacingly "i think i found the twerp"
ash looked at the figure recognising it and trying to jump towards the figure only to collapse
"your jessie?" asked pikachu confused
"well some changes happened" she replied "for the worse or better is debatable but i think better"
"you understand me?" pikachu asked
"well i sorta have absorbed James and meowth" she said scratching her head
"well what do you want anyways?" pikachu asked worried
"your little pal who seems to currently be hypnotised with pain"
Jessie looked at pikachu before saying somethi
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the story of ashchu part 16
pikachu just looked at misty for a second before running towards her and using irontail against her
misty fell backwards clutching where she got hit "a little angry fella eh"
pikachu ran over to the pokeball smashing it with irontail
ash appeared beside pikachu "thanks pikachu"
pikachu nodded slightly looking at misty
ash looked at her shocked "misty?"
misty didn't seem to recognise them and grunted before walking off
suddenly pikachu felt like he wanted to attack a human even more and looking at ash he could tell he did to "hey ash try not to attack the humans you know it is just the hypnotist"
ash nodded walking off with pikachu following
they walked in a awkward silence for 2 hours before pikachu spoke up
"ash im sorry"
"what for?" asked ash confused
"running off" replied pikachu "i put myself and you at risk"
"forgiven" said ash
pikachu looked down, he still hasn't forgiven himself
ash looked at pikachu "you know buddy Its the stronger people who suffer more when they make a tiny m
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the story of ashchu part 15
Lilchu sighed "im not sure ash"
"oh" said ash looking at the floor
since it was night the burns where hard to see but they where obviously there
pikachu walked up to ash patting him on the back "it'll be alight ash"
ash nodded
"you should probably get to bed" said Lilchu "you have had a long walk back"
ash and pikachu nodded "goodnight"
Lilchu began walking back to her cave whilst ash and pikachu laid down opposite sides of the cave
< next morning >
pikachu was trying to get ash out of the cave "come on ash you need to come out"
"pi dont want to" said ash upset
"look ash, i know you dont but you need to" replied pikachu "it will be better than sitting in here"
ash nodded "okay pi will come out just stay near me ok"
pikachu nodded he knew ash must be feeling upset at the moment with his fur burned
as they walked out they saw loads of people looking at them
it took all of pikachus strength to stop ash from running back
pikachu looked around realising there was less pokemon than nor
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the story of ashchu part 14
ash and pikachu watched intill  the pokeballs got close enough before jumping in the air and smashing them with irontail
Delia looked at his son shocked "when did you learn to do that!?"
ash just looked at her
"guess your not staying home then are you?"asked Delia
ash shook his head, there was no point denying it he didn't want to come back
Delia looked down "sorry ash i just didn't want you to leave again"
Brock suddenly got exited "hey lets go to professor oaks, he has a translator that works on human turned pokemon"
Delia stood up picking up her son "okay lets go" she said excitedly
ash groaned "hey pikachu do you think we should listen to them?"
pikachu just shrugged "im not sure they seem to really want to talk to you"
"okay" said ash who had decided he will talk to them
as they was walking to the lab ash managed to escape his mothers grip and land on the floor next to pikachu
Delia sighed her son was acting weird around her, she knew he thought like a pokemon now but she sti
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the story of ashchu part 13
ash and pikachu walked for hours that they didn't count, they didn't want to count it was if time had stopped
eventually they needed to stop for food
whilst pikachu and ash was collecting berries ash asked "pikachu will this be a good place"
pikachu looked around "I guess so" he said moodily
ash walked up to him "look im sorry pi just stopped feeling safe around them since pi stopped being able to talk"
pikachu didn't know if he would be able to ever forgive ash
"hey you wont be able to beat me" said a determined pikachu running towards the river
the other pikachu was catching up "pi bet pi will"
the first pikachu took a turn left dodging a pichu whilst the second jumped over it getting closer to the first one soon getting head to head
the second one looked even more determined than the first as he caught a glimpse of the river he thought of something risky that could make him win
when the river was a meter away the second pikachu used volt tackle gaining speed
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the story of ashchu part 12
as ash walked towards the light he was wondering if he had died but shook it off
instead he thought of the number 100 he knew what it meant
when he reached the light he looked towards it seeing that it was a orb
he saw reflections of a forest in it
ash tried to pick it up but it started shaking ash began running off but the orb started absorbing him until all he could see was white
when it faded he was in a forest looking around he saw loads of pokemon playing
he thought about the word 100 and 0 before everything went black and he woke up
pikachu hugged ash as soon as he saw he was awake "ash your okay!"
ash didn't return the hug instead he was thinking
pikachu saw this "ash are you okay"
"yes pi am OK"
clemont's eyes widened slightly "ash repeat that"
ash repeated it slightly confused clemont looked at him dumbfounded
ash sighed saying the number "100" again
pikachu looked at him confused
"ash" clemont said "all your saying is pikachu"
ash smiled sli
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the story of ashchu part 11
pikachu and ash was following clemont
"hey ash" said pikachu thinking
"yes pikachu" replied ash
"have you noticed everyone acting strangely recently"
ash thought for a second "pi guess pi have"
pikachu was worrying slightly about ash
"ash?" asked pikachu "what will you  tell your mother?"
ash seemed to get angry and looked down and said"what says pi will!?"
before running ahead
pikachu who was confused about the sudden change in emotion ran after him with clemont close behind
"ash wait up, whats wrong?!!"
ash stopped at a clearing he remembered
he looked at the clift, the clift he climbed with pikachu, the clift that caused this mess
he walked to the water looking at his reflection
when pikachu arrived with clemont ash was climbing the clift
"ash wait up" clemont shouted looking at the clift
pikachu began trying to climb up after him only to fall and hurt his leg
the resilient piachu tried again but strugeled because of his leg
"ash! dont climb its too dangerous" shouted clemont w
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The story of ashchu part 10
misty woke up in in the sight of Jenny and clemont she stood up instantly
"what do you want" she asked
"we have reason to believe you stole some Pokemon and a human"Jenny said
"I didn't steal the Pokemon something happened to there trainer and I took them from him"
Jenny considered what she said before grabbing her by the arm "your under arrest"
she put hand cuffs on her
misty stood still knowing she has been caught
once they was back at the police station misty took the pokèballs and got all the ones on ashes belt out
"so these where the ones that where stolen?" asked Jenny
"yes" said clemont "but there is also the human and the human turnt Pokemon"
Jenny turn her attention to pikachu who was bleeding and looked knocked out, she walked to the phone before calling nurse joy and coming back
"nurse joy will be here soon" she said
Jenny looked at the blue and white pokèball and released what was inside it
Brock came out shaking like crazy laying down
Jenny walked to his side "ar
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The story of ashchu part 9
lemont reached a police station sweating he walked inside to officer Jenny
"Jenny you gotta help" said Brock "my friend was turned into a pikachu and then his friend catched him stole his Pokemon and captured a human"
"well she committed 2 offences the staling and captured​ human with unaphorised modifications" replied Jenny
"what about ash the human that was turnt into a pikachu?" clemont asked
"sorry there is no offence against that" Jenny said
"why not?" clemont asked
"well he was turned into a Pokemon right, there are no laws against capturing Pokemon" Jenny said without hesitation
"but won't misty be arrested so ash will have to be released?" Brock asked growing uneasy
"only if they are in prison for life if not they are put in a place where they are taken care of untill they do come out"Jenny awnsered
"but ash was a human!!!" clemont shouted
"yeah he was, not anymore though" jenny replied
clemont looked at the floor in disbelief he is being told that ash is Misty's pokemon
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The story of ashchu part 8
pikachu started running untill Brock shouted at him to stop cause he couldn't catch up
"pikachu we need to stick together if not we will never save ash" Brock said
pikachu then started going slower
Brock was thinking "why would misty want ash? what will she do to him? will pikachu ever see him again"
he looked at pikachu "I hope so" he thought before pikachu started running so he started running
misty was looking at ashes pokèball thinking "what punishment should ash get?"
suddenly she heard a Russell​ of leaves and looked towards it seeing pikachu jump out thundershocking​ her
she feel backwards dropping ashes pokèball
pikachu stepped on her stomach and looked at her angrily
"hey pikachu how you doing?" she said calmly
this made pikachu annoyed and he scratched her
she looked slightly offended "pikachu whats wrong? did you lose your friend?"
pikachu used iron tail on her head knocking her out he had tears in his eyes
Brock came through the bushes and looked at th
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The story of ashchu part 7
misty was walking down a road with ashes and her pokèball as well as ash in a pokèball
she sighed she knew soon the others will be after her and she would need to be gone by then
she continued walking deeper into the forest wondering what ash would think of her
she was too busy daydreaming that she walked into a tree "ow why is there a tree here?"
she looked around for the path but couldn't find it she realised she was lost and sighed
forgetting she had ash and pikachu she decided to let all her Pokemon​ out of there pokèball
when she saw ash she tried to make him return but it was too late
ash looked at here with eyes that she would never get out of her head eyes that said "DIE"
eyes that could scare demons away she looked at the floor not wanting to see ash
ash walked over to her taking his pokèball off her and putting it out of her reach
and pikachu walked to his side "Misty why did you do this?" ash asked sadly and angrily
she looked at him smiling "that's
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The story of ashchu part 6
ash looked around seeing nothing but darkness "where am I"
he began walking looking around still
he walked for what felt like a week before he felt himself falling
he instantly panicked and tried to grab onto something
he landed on the floor face first before picking himself up
he saw himself but he had the feet of a pikachu ash looked at it shocked
the feet began spreading fur to the legs shrinking them before stopping
he then headed a voice saying "10%"
the ash pikachu form disappeared and ash felt himself waking up
ash woke up sweating and panicking "what happened?"
he started taking deepm breaths calming himself down
he then stood up seeing he was in a sphere with a even floor
he looked up seeing a metal frame going from the bottom to the top
he also saw a few wires and a flashing light "where am I?"
he took two steps forwards tripping over a bed
after recovering from the shock he looked at the bed
"am I still in the hotel?"
he looked around the floor seeing nothing else but the be
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for the few people that read the story of ashchu ive began a new one on…
Here is the final version i had help with the shading but everything else was by me
I would give credit to the person who made it but he didnt want credit
the story wasn't good or anything so i decided to discontinue it but am thinking of writing a new story soon.
the story of ashchu part 19?
sorry about ending the story


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