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Favourite Visual Artist
Beksinski, Caspar David Friedrich...
Favourite Movies
Fargo, The Big Lebowski, No Country for Old Men, Pulp Fiction, The Shipping News, Mary and Max, Pride, Coraline, Wolf Children, Spirited Away, Fear And Loathing In LV, In Bruge, Filth ...
Favourite TV Shows
Twin Peaks, Westworld, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, Fargo, Family Guy, South Park ...
Favourite Writers
B.Hrabal, F.Dürrenmatt, E.A.Poe, A.C.Doyle, O.Wilde, R.Dahl, H.P.Lovecraft, Jack Kerouac ...
Other Interests
Love nature and animals, hate the most of people...
I love to watch the clouds up in the sky. They look pretty good with these shapes and colours especially at sunset. So here is a little collection I've made lately. Hope you like it!
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I would like to share my opinion about the meaning of Photographer, because this word's conception is not as prime as it should be. In recent years, I've noticed that (almost) everyone calls themselves Photographer or an Artist, without high quality skills or knowledge. I understand that extroverts needs so much attention in social media platforms, but what they do is could be highly noxious. They think that few hundred or thousand (no matter how many) followers can allow them the permission to give advices in photography or any other art, though they don't even know the basics. So beware of taking advice from "Photographers" with badly exposed, poorly edited images! I've received a lot of bad advice from people like this in my life, but fortunately I've found my professional teachers in time. Not just one. Never listen only one master, read a lot, ask questions, learn to use your camera in M-mode in every weather conditions, use your editing software well, be patient and more
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The last weekend of February was warm enough to take short cycling tours around the town what I truly enjoyed, however the land is not the most beautiful yet. There are no big forests nearby and hard to find pretty and old trees but the lights were beautiful. Though these are not the foggy, mystical images I usullay present but I think they look nice together. DA doesn't let me to upload a collection and Instagram reduces the quality too much, so here they are: I hope I'll have the chance to take more magical shots in the future, but very challenging to find hiding unicorn in the morning mist not to mention the goblins. ; -) Enjoy your weekend!
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Wow, spectacular galery!

Your photos are really wonderful and atmospheric! It must be nice to visit those places (:



Many thanks for faving again, Edina.:heart:

Thank you 4 fave, Edina! * :o)