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Wrong turned!

Location  Venice , Italy
"I knew we shoulda taken that left turn at the Pharos of Alexandria!"

Workflow: DAZStudio4.15 -> Iray -> Photoshop

Tut Boat 1 by dazinbane 

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Great picture

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Haha und Bastet wartet schon aufs Wassertaxi ;)

Lustig mal wieder und richtig schön gemacht, vor allem das Licht!

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wow, they have come far with this little boat ;)

But they could also just join the next carneval party in venice.

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Haha, let the party begin! :-)

Nice work and concept. Fortunately, they arrived just in time for the Carnival, during which they blended in nicely and won first prize in the Novelty Gondola section.

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Haha, thank you very much!

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"Meanwhile, while transporting THE HOLY PASTIES OF NUT to their new location, Ashra and Nemet take a wrong turn. Which is not uncommon for the two blondes..."

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Very nice. I didn't imagine it being used scaled up in a scene. Well done disguising the low resolution of the textures.

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Thanks a lot!

I tried to scale the texture, but it was very small. :-)

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Good job the barge is not over 180 m long - otherwise she wasn't allowed in.

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Hehe, thank you!

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