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This is my place! - Friends will be friends

Workflow: DAZStudio4.15 -> Iray -> Photoshop

This is my place! by Edheldil3D on DeviantArt
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Nice to see they have been able to find an agreement and without the need of a broom. :D

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They are best friends. :-)

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And they are very cute together. ;)

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I heard they can be incredible pets. Awesome capture!

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You're welcome. So is the kid, or however old she is. Ha ha.

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Genau so in der Art sah meine Wahnvorstellung aus, schön dass es ein Happy End gibt. :love: Müsste fast auf YouTube gucken was für Geräusche die Tiere dabei machen...

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Hehe! In dem Fall wird er wohl quietschen vor Vergnügen! :-)

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They made up.


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All it needs are good and fair negotiations and outcome can always be a win-win! Hmmm! Could be a moral, applicable every where in life...!

Precious scene (I wish I was Joy! I always wanted a Raccoon tummy to rub...)

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A compromise!!

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Yes, an a good compromise I think! :-)

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