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This is my place!

Workflow: DAZStudio4.15 -> Iray -> Photoshop
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Aufpassen Waschbär. Im Zweifel nicht mit Menschen anlegen, vor allem die Sorte mit Zöpfen....

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Das sind die schlimmsten (siehe Pipi Langstrumpf)! :-)

PSK-Photo's avatar

Eigentlich fehlt das zweite Bild, wie beide friedlich kuschelnd da drauf sitzen... gut ist wohl eine Wahnvorstellung. :D

Edheldil3D's avatar

Das ist tatsächlich in Planung, aktuell aber nur im Geiste!

mekheke's avatar

Let's go search a broom and show him who really owns that chair. :shakefist:


Edheldil3D's avatar

You will never be able to use the broom again! ;-)

jmb200960's avatar

Hello, friend ! You seems to have found a cozy place. Don' t let anyone disturb you.

TheFurNose's avatar

Even Raccoons are just "cats", and Scrubby is no exception! xD

Just learn this lesson, Joy, never give up a cozy place - even if it's just for going to the bathroom! Lol

Hilarious picture!!

Edheldil3D's avatar

Lol, thanks a lot!

Love it! Great work.

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Viel Glück, ihn zu überzeugen... Tiere sind da hartnäckig. ;)

rascaldi :)

Edheldil3D's avatar

Ja, das kenne ich von meinen Katzen. Sehr hartnäckig! :-)

rascaldi's avatar

Genau das. Meine Cousine hat nen Hund. Ähnliche Situation.

SamohT14's avatar

Reminds me of an old Sparks song: "This place ain't big enough for the both of us" :D

GafftheHorse's avatar

How annoyed is Joy....

Is it going to be racoon burgers served at a memorial party or is her pet merely going to get off-brand pet food for a month or two.

Edheldil3D's avatar

Maybe Scrubby will get a free shave too! ;-)

GafftheHorse's avatar

Well, shaving would be advisable before he's cut into strips and fried/grilled/poached/steamed/roasted. Puffer

Acue's avatar

Good one! LOL.

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