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The danger of reading books

I'm not sure why he's tipping over here: either because he got her foot into his face, or because he saw something what he shouldn't see!

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Good gracious. I hope she's not gone commando today.....

(why do they call it 'going commando''s not as if special forces have a reputation for no pants).

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This is the first time I read / hear the term. I don't know anything in german that comes close to that.

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Ah, well, I watch a lot of anime, it's not how I heard of the term, but comprises most the references I'm exposed to.

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Probably a bit of both. He was enjoying the view when she raised her foot, catching him off guard.

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Rutscht Ed aus?

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Wohl eher KnockOut wegen Fuss am Kopf. :-)

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Dann hätte er aber nicht hinter dem Fuss stehen dürfen. Seine Füße sind zu weit hinten.

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Oh, das täuscht. Würde er gerade stehen, wäre der Fuß mitten drin.

Ihr Fuß befindet sich recht weit zur Seite.

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When I saw the thumbnail, I thought the joke would be something like this:

If my heart goes to the "Naked Gun" joke, yours is fun too. :D

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Mein bester Freund arbeitet in einer großen Bib., nun weiß ich was dort so abgeht. :D

Ich sehe es als Selbstverteidigung, bevor er zu nah kommt und ein Blick unter den Rock wirft...

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Haha, ja das wird wohl so eine Art Reflex gewesen sein. ;-)

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Books can kill! Or at least knock a tooth out. But what a way to have it happen!

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That's life! Or: 'Life is like a box of chocolate...'. ;-)

Reading......who knew it was so dangerous?! =P

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You never stop learning. ;-)

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