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The Ed Renderman Show

Dorothy chats about some of Joy's embarrassing moments. The audience is thrilled.
Joy has to laugh about it herself. And she is about to turn the tables.

Workflow: DAZStudio4.15 -> Iray -> Photoshop
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Das geht doch schief.

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Watching these out of order.... Now it makes sense that Joy gets her revenge. :)

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Hehe! We in germany say: if you sit in a glass house, you shouldn't throw stones. ;-)

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I don't get it.

Why is causing someone embarrassment in front of an audience considered "funny"?

Especially when they're a minor, or when they have no choice in whether the events occur?

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I think you see that a little too strict here. She also laughs a bit shyly behind her hands. In addition, the revanche follows closely.

AnaGliiferd's avatar

More likely, it's a difference in whats funny...

Aussies, laugh at themselves, and invite mates to join in.

'Mericans, laugh AT other people, especially at those less fortunate then themselves.

Pom's, laugh at the absurdity of the universe.

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Mit eigener Sendung inkl. Logo etc. mal wieder sehr kreativ. :D

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Oh oh!!

Looks like the shows Green Room might have an over-generous drink policy. Ed might be having a word with his producers later.

If Doro downs the rest of that tall glass, it's all over. If she also downs Catherines martini, they may have to cut transmission.

Edheldil3D's avatar

But that's why she is so talkative!

GafftheHorse's avatar

Yes, alcohol can make you 'the life of the party', but it's often only a small measure away from 'an embarassing scene at the party'.

I used to practice what I called 'shamanic drinking' in order to deal with social occasions and turn a reclusive introvert like myself into more of a people person. Alcohol is an unpredictable alchemical experiment that most people don't take seriously enough.

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Warte, bis Joy die Geschichten über Dich erzählt, Doro... ;)

rascaldi :)

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greendragon-gecko's avatar

:) I rember that image too. ;) Well done!

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Catweazle01's avatar

Das erhöht wieder die Einschaltquoten und senkt das Niveau :-)

Edheldil3D's avatar

Willkommen beim Unterhaltungsfernsehen! ;-)

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Ed Renderman eh? So funny!

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