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BBYOD - Better bring your own device!

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"And what about a headset for the phone?"
Sometimes it is better to use your own devices than the company devices.

Workflow: DAZStudio4.12 -> Iray -> Photoshop
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"OK lady, do you want me to toss the PC out the window, or do you want to have the pleasure?" "It will save you a lot of grief."

MS-DOS 6.22 came out WAY later than that machine. Early PC's with 2 floppy disks didn't always have a hard drive, one was for the OS and the other for a program and data. My guess is it would have been running CP/M https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CP/M , the predecessor to MS-DOS 1.0. The screen would have had 1 color, green. I had a "portable" CP/M machine with a carrying handle, it weighed 26 pounds. Without the manuals I couldn't figure out the available commands. I returned it to the flea market after a week. The only productive use I could think of for it was a boat anchor.

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:D :D

Maybe the machine got a big update. ;-)

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PSK-PhotoHobbyist Photographer

Immerhin kann man mal wieder stilvoll Pong zocken.

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Haha, genau! :-)

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Magnus-StrindboemHobbyist Digital Artist

LOOL... das sieht genau aus wie das Ding was bei meiner Ausbildung. Wobei wir hatten auch schon welche mit Festplatten. 10MB? 20? Defragmentieren starten und dann den Rest des Tages frei, weil sich niemand sonst dran traute und es wichtig aussah. Schon klar warum die Technik die nicht austauschen will...

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In meiner Ausbildung ebenso.

Zu beginn wurde die Kiste eingeschaltet, dann wurden Themen besprochen bis die Kiste hochgefahren war. Ich weis nur leider nicht mehr was wir damit gemacht habe, bzw. unser Ausbilder. War ja nur die eine Kiste da. :-)

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esapesa General Artist


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Dracis3DHobbyist Digital Artist

George RR Martin (Game of Thrones) still uses Wordstar on DOS I believe. This DOS machine looks to be running Windows 3.1, not that I really remember much anymore!

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Ultimately, only the result counts! ;-)

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Magnus-StrindboemHobbyist Digital Artist

Maybe that's why it takes him to finish stuff forever...

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GafftheHorseHobbyist Digital Artist

Those all-in-ones were kind of cool to use.

I think I prefer the more rounded designs though.

At least, in an office decked out in this kit, you can be sure no one will be on speakerphone a desk or two away.

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SamohT14New Deviant

Oh wait, MS-Dos 6.22 how old is that thing, but coming to think of it there must be some firms still using that equipment.:D

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Many still use outdated tools that only run on this old system. :)

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tora-no-shi1369Hobbyist Digital Artist

Boy this takes me back. I remember these from my childhood.

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Hihi, me too!

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E-Bru-BilderHobbyist Digital Artist

Oh, ganz modern eingerichtet. ;)

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Nur das Beste vom Besten! ;-)

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Poses17Hobbyist Digital Artist

Such spoiled brats. That's perfectly good technology!

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pnn32Hobbyist Digital Artist

But don't forget to obtain permission from IT & Information Security Department ;P

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