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Christopher Manes
Name: Christopher Manes
Nicknames: Chris, Shortcake, Shorty
Age (currently in the story): 18
Story: The “Only Me” Situation
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual

Physical Desc.:
I imagine that by the time his story comes to a close, he’d be about 5’4. He has relatively soft features, a thin waist, and big hips. He has green eyes and blond hair that usually curls up at the ends. It’s gravity defiant and I refuse to try to make it more realistic cause there’s no going back.

Usually he wears a big black hoodie with sleeves rolled up to his elbows. The jeans and shirts he wears varies, but his shoes are usually red high tops. The big soles pick him up a few centimeters, but he’s still relatively short. He can also be seen wearing dark blue sandals on days where he’s feeling lazy (rare).

Chris, in the first part of Only Me Sit. was a flirtatious, confident, and snarky kid. He’d fight back when people talked down on him (puns because he’s short) and would try hard to hide his many insecurities. This usually worked. Since then, his character has morphed to be more mellowed out, but he still has his moments.

One of his favorite things to do since he was thirteen was to cook for his family. He likes to keep himself busy by cleaning, but will sometimes fall into a slump where he only wants to watch moves and eat leftovers. He will not stand for people talking down or harming themselves, so he tries to take care of them if they won’t. His worst nightmare is to inflict pain on someone else in an act of anger.

He has a big family scattered around the states, but only visits them every few years. His father was abusive towards both his brother and mother, but left when he was eight. After their divorce, his mom gave birth to a girl named Lucy. While his mom was at work, he and his brother took care of her but his brother left after he finished high school. He hasn’t heard from his brother since.
Cut to a few years later and he meets James Rhodes. He and James got married after graduating high school and adopted three kids—a pair of twins (Levi and Liam) and a girl (Lorelei)
Eeeuuuughh... lemme be honest here.
Right now, I’m not really that motivated to be doing art. Before, all the request I was doing made me feel good and all that generous stuff, but now it’s not the same. I started school recently and I guess I do a few doodles in class, so I’ll be sharing those if I can remember. A lot of them will probably be of myself or people in my class— maybe even a few of my characters, but not too often. I’m sorry for those of you who have requested, I’ll try to get them done if I can just find the motivation.
I have a few digital pieces I can post before going to traditional. The reason I haven’t posted them was because I was afraid of what people would say— I’ll post another status when I’ve posted all of them.
And I guess that’s all..? I’ve never done a status, so I guess this is a bit more awkward for me. I hope you understand that I just need to take a break from doing this whole digital art thing....
Oof— I haven’t posted here in a while. Tbh, just haven’t been feelin’ up to it. Anyway, hope you like my awkward nurse boiyo~
Little Doll
A while ago, my friend and I had a conversation discussing my character, Chris. Two things came out of it, one of which being him playing with dolls.
Sorry if the dress looks awkward, I couldn’t figure out how it would wrap around ;3;


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