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X-Force Logo

By EdGPatterson
This is the logo for our 2010 robot which we named X-Force. The name barely beat Xidane which was reviewed by the lead mentors who had no idea who the guy was and when they found out they dumped altogether citing that what he did was a poor representation of what our team stands for.
I still would have preferred The Xception.
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Hello What font is this?
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I like every dynamic about it, except how much the GEAR overtakes the X. It makes it really hard to read X-Force without knowing that it's supposed to say X-Force.

I know it won't get changed now, but I wonder what would happen if the GEAR was in outline and the X was a little thicker. Or if you did the Gear in a grey. or even a fake halftone screen.Sorry, i'm about to become obsessed with halftone screens... I downloaded a shit ton of tutorials on how to do it. But just haven't had time to play with it. That and I need to actually draw the "page" I plan to experiment on. But Frogs come first as you know. Which is making Lucas sad... because he's sitting in my sketchbook with NO ARMS!!! because i had to stop on studies of him... for Frogs. But I can't wait to make frog FLAIR that says, "Frog Power!"

Whoa... totally got derailed there.

Anyway, the arrows give it a lot of power and motion and the sense of progress. The soccerball in the background also is interesting because of the activity it brings to the peice. I know it's for robots, but it could also be for a sports afterschool thing. I definatly know this is a program geared towards the youth, and I'd feel pretty cool about it, if there were my logo. :) and that's my review... I wonder if that's a critique almost. Hahah... not with my rambles.
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The soccer balls are this year's game piece so the gear symbolizes the robot. I want to minimalize the use of colors to our team colors as much as possible (Red, black n white).
I made the logo in two programs. The Logo Design Studio that I bought with the gift card you gave me for Christmas made the shapes and the text was done in Logo Creator.It won't take much at all to remake the logo at all.
The logo is a big hit with the kids.
You should have wrote this as a critique, Carri. It pretty much is one except for the Lucas and frogs part.