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20 MORE REASONS by Edges-of-Insanity 20 MORE REASONS :iconedges-of-insanity:Edges-of-Insanity 1 2 Fuck Man by Edges-of-Insanity Fuck Man :iconedges-of-insanity:Edges-of-Insanity 0 5 SUPERHEROS by Edges-of-Insanity SUPERHEROS :iconedges-of-insanity:Edges-of-Insanity 2 4 CHILDREN OF TODAY by Edges-of-Insanity CHILDREN OF TODAY :iconedges-of-insanity:Edges-of-Insanity 0 3 Now Press Play by Edges-of-Insanity Now Press Play :iconedges-of-insanity:Edges-of-Insanity 0 0 MONA LISA by Edges-of-Insanity MONA LISA :iconedges-of-insanity:Edges-of-Insanity 1 2
Oh So Perfect Imperfections
Sometimes I wished
That my freckles would dance across my face
Instead of splatter
Sometimes I hoped my hair would stay tame and content
Instead of splaying out like a lion's mane
My cuticles worn and bitten
My face was always to pale
My smile was always to crooked
My eyes had bags
And my teeth had a gap
Maybe my freckles were from
One to many happy afternoons
Lying in the sun
Maybe my messy hair was from
Waking up to early
Going to bed to late
Maybe my cuticles were ragged from
Nervous nibbling
Due to my latest crush
Maybe my face was so pale
From the nights in with the girls
Watching movies and muching popcorn
Maybe my smile was so crooked
Because I didn't worry
About the perfect appearence
Maybe all those bags were from
Endless sleepovers
And to much gossip
And maybe that gap was because
I never did listen to my dentist
Through that awkward brace-face stage
And Maybe I'll never be perfect
With long, gorgeous hair
And wide, laughing eyes
Maybe I'll never have
Big, circular boobs
:iconedges-of-insanity:Edges-of-Insanity 0 0
Fall Asleep then Fall Apart by Edges-of-Insanity Fall Asleep then Fall Apart :iconedges-of-insanity:Edges-of-Insanity 0 0
Tap Dancing
I don't know what to say
I don't know what to do
All I know is
I keep coming back to you
My mind wanders
And it flies
But this angel of pain
Is always by my side
But I keep coming back to you
I just want to talk to you
A note or a letter
A poem or a prose
Envelope encased
I wish it would leave me alone
No rhythm
No beat
These words don't make me
:iconedges-of-insanity:Edges-of-Insanity 0 0
Castle Walls
She lost the affection
She lost her feeling for it
She lost the morals
That surrounded her
She lost her core
And she lost her meaning
She lost what made her get up in the morning
She knew it was gone
Leaving her oh so empty
She knew it would hurt
And it would cut like a knife
But never did she expect
What she had trusted
And believed in
What she had hoped
And waited for
Would be taken so cruelly
The promises
The fairy-tales
The real trust in it
But burn your bridges
He insisted
And cut
Every tie
Take what is in you
And let it fall apart
:iconedges-of-insanity:Edges-of-Insanity 0 0
Golden Lies
Crippling terror
Intoxicating pain
A break in my heart
All to deep
Naive smiles
Paired with
Drunken laughs
To much pain
Bad luck from birth
But who are you
With your sarcastic smiles
To come into my life
And tear it apart
Whiny smiles
All to fake tears
Is it
That I
Believe sincerity to easy?
All alone in a world
I don't understand
No manuel came with this
Lies stuck on a podium
Embriodered with gold
That'll make
Your blood run cold
:iconedges-of-insanity:Edges-of-Insanity 0 0
Damn Them to Hell
Does this mean the scars
Will disappear
Glaring and blaring
The screaming straight lines
A frozen stare
How would you feel
If all upon a stone cold night
When the wind was blowing
And the moon was sobbing
One steel lover
Into your life
What if one dash of red
Ruled over your life
An addiction
A compulsion
A need to be fed
:iconedges-of-insanity:Edges-of-Insanity 0 0
Loved To Close
The shouts
the fear
How can you break a dead man's heart?
Cried and pleas
Echo off these walls
Benign hate
left to rot
Anger and rage
Growls and snarls
Can I show youa darker oblivion?
Cruel useless words
Lost blackened tears
A pattern
A rhythm
True to itself
Healing myself
This ache
This pain
A never-ending hurt
A never-ending burn
:iconedges-of-insanity:Edges-of-Insanity 1 0
Infected Scars
The bruises
You gave
The bumps
You gifted
The angry shouts
The venomous words
You inflicted
You should know
I still have the scars
I still feel the pain
Loved thorns
An addicting pain
All I ever did was come back
For more
More abuse and terror
More bruises
More cuts
You were always so angry
So bitter
What could've turned
Your heart
So cold
:iconedges-of-insanity:Edges-of-Insanity 0 0
Deviant ID Number One by Edges-of-Insanity Deviant ID Number One :iconedges-of-insanity:Edges-of-Insanity 0 0


Don't Lie To Me
What a sick, twisted version of love you have
When I need you most, you walk away
To tie yourself to her
And yet you say you care
Don't lie to me.
Once upon a time I may have believed you
But now I don't
If you cared, you would have stayed
How ludicrous my idiocy was
I swallowed the empty phrase every day
While the truth danced in front of me
You never loved me
Don't lie to me.
Perhaps I should warn her
Before you shatter her heart like you did mine
But I won't, for I feel no kindness for her
No kindness, because she was part of the lie
The lie I lived in, and you did too
That maybe we had something special
When it meant nothing to you
Don't lie to me.
:iconspykeh:Spykeh 3 16
Forest by offBruno Forest :iconoffbruno:offBruno 2 0 Self portrait in Acrylics by Holleh Self portrait in Acrylics :iconholleh:Holleh 4 3 Food Chain 3 by Holleh Food Chain 3 :iconholleh:Holleh 3 1
Realizing Why
I have finally realized why,
Why everyone keeps asking me the same thing.
Why they ask me if I'm alright.
It's because I'm not.
Because they know me,
Better than I know myself.
Because they can see my anguish
My pain, my fear, my heart.
They can see what I can't.
It's because it's written all over my face.
And how can I see that
When I can't stand looking in a mirror?
I find that I'm afraid.
Afraid to actually see who I am becoming.
Because I don't want to be that girl.
The girl who hates.
The girl who cries.
The girl who feels alone.
The girl who's unliked.
Not only by others
But by herself.
The girl who hides behind her pen.
The girl who is unseen.
Unheard, and unloved.
Maybe I am wrong.
Maybe I'm being paranoid.
Maybe this is only how I see myself.
Maybe you aren't doing this on purpose.
Maybe you are unaware that you are hurting me.
But that makes it that much worse.
To not even realize what you do to me,
Am I that unsignificant?
Maybe I was right.
Maybe I always have
:iconaccording2rainey:According2Rainey 1 4
beauty by sziszaa beauty :iconsziszaa:sziszaa 1 0 Roses by Skyrana Roses :iconskyrana:Skyrana 1 1 Frozen Tree by Skyrana Frozen Tree :iconskyrana:Skyrana 1 0 colourful one by x-modernway-x colourful one :iconx-modernway-x:x-modernway-x 19 6




Artist | Literature
United States
I love the smell of Axe
I wear boxers to go to sleep :D
I'm quirky
Pulchritudinous^.^ love that word
I'm obsessed with psychology
I over-analize everything
Some things I love: how new books crackle when you open them, the smell of rain, how safe you feel when someone holds you, the rhythem good poems have, and the sounds of a thunderstorm

Current Residence: Jersey it up :D
Favourite genre of music: Rap, Metal, Stoner Music :P
Favourite photographer: Marsha Nakilicki
Favourite cartoon character: Joker >:D
Personal Quote: "Never Regret, because at the time, it was exactly what you wanted,"


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