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[ STAR TREKKIN' ] 06.30.2022 by Chronorin, literature

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Zoel Loftsara goes to War by Chronorin, visual art

[ STAR TREKKIN' ] 06.30.2022 by Chronorin, literature

[ ROE v. WADE ] 06.26.2022 by Chronorin, literature

[ SHATTERGLASS 06.17.2022 ] by Chronorin, literature

[ OBI-THREE: FINAL KENOBI ] 06.16.2022 by Chronorin, literature

[ CLUB OBI-TWO ] 06.05.2022 by Chronorin, literature

[ CLUB OBI-WAN ] 06.02.2022 by Chronorin, literature

[ DEVOLVED ] 05.26.2022 by Chronorin, literature

[ BACKPAIN RANDOM ] 05.19.2022 by Chronorin, literature

[ DORY / ARLO ] 05.11.2022 by Chronorin, literature

[ WHY Part II ] 04.27.2022 by Chronorin, literature

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Tracer's Butt

4 min read
On this 4th of July, I want us to ponder the issue of... Tracer's butt. See, I find this story fascinating... ....the way I understand it, character art was released for a new version of Overwatch. And people became mad that the character of Tracer was depicted with a pretty flat butt. There was outrage, recriminations... the liberals! The woke liberals have stolen Tracer's butt, feminism stole her butt, etc!!!! But then other people pointed out that the character model was pretty much the same as it had always been. Her butt was always kinda flat in the first game. The reason that people didn't realize that was because.... in the last few years, we've seen so much fanart and so many 3-D mods of Tracer where her booty was much rounder. This is understandable; if I ever drew this character, I'd give her a bigger butt, no question... that. It's interesting, though, from a psychological standpoint. There was no actual change, just the illusion of change perceived
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So hey! Thanks as always for appreciating my silly little Droid Ahsoka comic (especially the guy who generously donates money to keep it going... ) So, Part III is done, yes? Hmm. NOT QUITE. As always, there are a few touch-ups that need to be made -- a color correction here, some extra scraps of rubble there, nothing you'll really notice. However, there is one noticeable change I have to make. I have to... replace the first three pages... you know, the ones where she's floating in a blue spacey void while being repaired? At some point, I realized that after she explodes at the end of the previous comic, she should appear as a glowing soul, who is ascending towards the light of the Force, and almost reaches cosmic oneness before being rudely reactivated. Showing her as a droid being repaired completely ruins the surprise of this. It must be fixed. And sure, it won't be a surprise to anyone who's already read it, but it will make a difference to anyone who reads it for the
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The US Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, and states are beginning to criminalize abortion...

104 votes
This is monstrous. Barbaric. Women are not second-class citizens.
It's just because the original decision was legally "flawed."
Meh, let each state decide. State's rights.
Good! No more killing the unborn! Abortion is evil.
It doesn't affect me so I don't care one way or the the other.
I'm an incel who can't get laid, so I like seeing women suffer.
I don't know, I don't like talking about this subject.
Other (tell me.)
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Sent you a note, chat doesn't work for me

I look forward to your reply

Hope all is going good for you, old boy!

Pretty good, yes. I hate the summer heat, but I just got a week's vacation and a fat raise at my job... apart from the usual hassles of life, there's not much I see in the future that will keep me from drawing more, more, MOAR. And that's what it's all about.

That's the spirit! Onwards and sideways!

Hey Chronorin, what's up?