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All sexy fights and fighters <3
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Dr. Edgar Slam
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Hi! I'm Dr. Edgar Slam. I make artwork of sexy people with loud genitals that Super Slam each-other's Cities.

I have a webstore, but I can't link you here: but the best place to go is my Patreon:

- Dr. Edgar Slam


I picked up a hitchhiker last night.

He said "You sure?"

I said "No problem."

He said "Doesn't your back hurt?"

Backhand the Booty!
Masque Mandela tells Biohaze Wright that her name isn't the ONLY change around here! Remember the two "The Wright Direction" comics? - Masque ain't taking it anymore!

If you wanna read Wright Direction 1 & 2, look through my archives for the Manta Ray collections!


My Patreon, hundreds of comics for free!

Join me on Discord!:

- Doc
Kerry Crushes Kasey
Kerry Caboose gives the Super Tits a big booty thump!


My Patreon, hundreds of comics for free!

Join me on Discord!:

- Doc
Midia's Fruit Cup (funnypage)
...and the funniest part is that there was NO inmate safer to be with... ...unless you left your respect at the door. And panel 4 is some VERY legit advice. ;)

- Doc
The Pipini Twins 2018
Volume!! Where the HELL have you been?? That's gotta be a 4-5-year hiatus for her!

On the left; Mute Pipini. On the right; Volume Pipini. - These two twins feature the same powers; body and muscle expansion, as well as power-pounding, meaning their punches can blow holes in their foes super-powers, and eventually they'll be able to manhandle even the biggest monster in their REGULAR forms.

They are a heroine and a villainess, and they are often controversially extreme. Mute is sometimes not satisfied with defeating a villain, she wants to make them suffer. And Volume too relishes the excess of defeat. Both have been known to capture, detain, and do unspeakable things to even the most titanic of foes.

Remarkably? - They get along, very well. - The have an immensely complicated history. - Separated at birth, Mute was sold by their own mother (Dr. Janice "Patriarch" Pipini) to Module Ironfist and held in the deeply disturbing Ironfist Research Facility for countless years, while Patriarch kept Volume to train because, in Patriarch's own words; "I only need one".

"Persons of interest" implemented into The Ironfist Research Facility were repeatedly brainwashed to participate in the society he grew within it, programmed to forget all knowledge of the outside world. But Mute constantly thought of the outside world. This was highly irregular as many "Persons of Interest" were kidnapped fully-grown and taken to the facility, they often had flashbacks, but Mute was only a few months old when she was indoctrinated into the facility, so her 'flashbacks' made no sense. They repeatedly tried to brainwash her, but it was no use, she kept speaking of experiences beyond the walls of "Nylar Metropolis", which was the name of the facility according to anyone living within it.

The training for her sister Volume was immensely difficult for her teachers. Volume often seemed distracted and frustrated. Often complaining about headaches, experiencing fierce mood-swings and even complaining that "a piece of her" was missing.

Of course but unknown; the two twins shared a psychic bond that was virtually undetectable, and no matter how far apart they were, no matter that they'd never met, they were always on each-other's minds, subconsciously sharing tiny pieces of information back and fourth, with no idea that they were doing it.

Mute used to never stop talking, until one fateful day when her home in "Nylar" was destroyed. She resided in the Kruger Sector of the metropolis, known for its beauty. The forests, the fields, the countless parks. She was an accomplished police officer who was known throughout the entire metropolis for her efforts, but she was especially known for her charisma and contagious personality. But that would come crashing down when the Kruger Sector's roof caved in. Millions of tons worth of heavy metal buried the city-sized garden in the duration of a day, forcing every last inhabitant to evacuate or die.

The people of "Nylar" believe that Mute Pipini herself "died" that day, as she stopped talking, and became a colder and more extreme officer. - Over on Vice Island, where Volume was being trained, Volume's mood-swings suddenly became more erratic and vicious. Her training programs were said to be "incomplete" but she had no trouble brutalizing her teachers, tutors which should logically have been better fighters than her. Her behaviour worsened so badly that she regularly had to be banished to solitary confinement to cool her off, and during these times, Mute's temper would become critical, bludgeoning criminals to death instead of arresting them.

Following the Fall of Nylar Metropolis, Mute began to experience the real world for the first time, but she still didn't care for any of it, or anyone within it. She wandered aimlessly, or so she though. Volume made an escape from Vice Island - also wandering aimlessly, or so she though.

Naturally, the two were "wandering aimlessly" towards one another.

When they finally met, it wasn't difficult for them to recognize each-other as their twin, given their uncanny resemblance. Deprived of a lot of natural sunlight, Mute was a little lighter-skinned, but even if they didn't look alike, it was arguable that they'd seen one-another in their minds their entire lives.

Volume was raised a Renegade. A Renegade is a faction of the Cult 27 that believe in destroying that which is unwanted, and paving a better world over it. - Mute was raised a Loyalist. A Loyalist is a faction of the Cult 27 that wants to heal what already exists, and she'd spent her entire life being encaged by Module Ironfist, one of the biggest, baddest Renegades on the planet.

But still, the sisters couldn't hate each-other. Mute is quite an extremist to Loyalism, and Volume is quite an extremist to Renegadism, but blood is thicker than politics, especially to these two.

Unfortunately, their bond would distance themselves from many Obsidiens. - Loyalists typically hate Renegades, Renegades typically hate Loyalists, and both are known to typically hate the extremes of both. Loylists see Mute as an extremist AND a Renegade sympathizer due to her bond with Volume, and Renegades view Volume as an extremist AND a Loyalist sympathizer. Furthermore, the twins will even defend each-other in battle regardless of what the conflict is about. If that means if Mute has to take on a Loyalist superheroine to defend her Renegade sister, so be it. As aforementioned, their blood is thicker than politics.

Blazinious Collier, one of the most disliked Loyalist heroine's alive due to misguided media criticism, has repeated time and time again about the two; "If everybody could get their heads out of their arseholes JUST for a second; understanding how these two get along might end a LOT of wars." - But as always, she is never listened to. Mute and Volume continue to be social pariahs, Mute taking orders from only the dodgiest Loyalists, and Volume taking orders from only the dodgiest Renegades, but anyone who's worth their salt knows that if you pay them, DO NOT order one twin to interfere with business the OTHER twin is up to, otherwise, regardless of who you are; they'll precure a hotel room for you, them, and one SAVAGE weekend of pain, agony and of course; a slow slow death.

- Doc


My Patreon, hundreds of comics for free!


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