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All sexy fights and fighters <3
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Dr. Edgar Slam
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Hi! I'm Dr. Edgar Slam. I make artwork of sexy people with loud genitals that Super Slam each-other's Cities.

Commission Prices:

I have a Patreon:

- Dr. Edgar Slam


A quick note to all my commissioners!  -  Sorry for all the delays, everything went on pause due to personal problems that I've discussed here and there, I'm now on a work-course for 4 weeks which is certainly sorting me out, and in the meantime it's helping me get back in gear, and work on commissions is beginning to resume.  Sorry for the delays, and thanks so much for sticking with me. I'll be caught up with you all as soon as possible!
Juggernauts fight Crime!
Looks like Trojan "The Brazen Bull" & Juicy Lou are going to use their boxing talents to FIGHT CRIME from now on.

...I like this idea a lot...

- Doc
Bio's Backbreaker
Page 4 (of 7) taken from Savage Bio, a recently commissioned comic, available on my Patreon's lowest tier. - in this image, Biohaze Wright delivers a Bane-like backbreaker to Bellacor Cola.

I'm slowly making progress on my backdated commissions, so watch this space, I'm back on the trolly, slowly but surely. :)

- Doc




- Doc
The Lightweights (2019)
I spent yesterday tuning up the lighter ladies of Realms and Void, and formed a bit of a supergroup for them, simply called The Lightweights. - These are the slimmer frequenters of the gym who are often dwarfed by the big girls like Iron Belly, Vizor, Barscolla, Obsidian and so on. One of the main reasons I came up with this crew is because I've gone a while without making any expansion stories, and I miss 'em a lot. Smaller ladies means more room for expansion, of course, so let's meet them!

Mary Taker (2019):
(blue top)
She is the little sister of the Taker boys, the cheerful good-natured Ivan and the grumpy and miserly Walter. The trio run the All Takers Funeral Parlor, a two-bit-operation undertaking service, mired by Walter's extremely rude, aggressive and unfeeling attitude, Ivan's susceptibility to give the grieving their services for free, and Mary's consistent distraction with how hot she is. Even in this image, I guarantee; Mary is thinking about how good she looks.

However, despite Mary's vanity and obsession with herself, she is ultimately a well-meaning person. She'll only give advice if she's asked for it, and often has kind words to say about the appearances of others. However, if goaded or provoked, the claws will come out, and she'll have no problem trash-talking someone who's getting in her face. - All this said, she can be a little difficult to train. She doesn't like the idea of sweating, hard work or exertion, claiming she's too "precious" for it. That said, make her bleed and she'll go fucking berserk. Mary worships her own body as somewhat of a goddess, and if you so much as dent it, she will use that body to mangle you into the shape of a pretzel.

Unity (2019):
(yellow top)
Possibly the most ironic name in the Realms and Void, the mononymously named Unity is one of the most dividing and conquering BITCHES to have around. Unity is a bitter and vicious soul, mean-spirited and relentless with the grudges and convictions she seemingly plucks out of thin air. While Mary's praise of herself isn't something Mary lords over others, Unity's head is so big that we're surprised it fits on her body! She genuinely believes she is better than everyone she meets, and deeply enjoys demeaning, demoralizing and deconstructing those around her.  - This attitude places her in direct rivalry with Harry, who can't stand bullies, especially when they like to pick on Cherry.

She brags to have "never lost a fight", because in her mind, a fight doesn't end until SHE wins. So if she's ever knocked out, she'll will be lurking in the darkness, plotting her revenge - which is never pretty. The Lightweights are very reluctant to keep her around, but also believe that enduring Unity is a gauntlet in and of itself. Learning to defend themselves against this hateful woman is a process crammed with additional training that you just can't buy. - The goodness of Unity is something very little explored or explained - she has not yet disclosed anything about her past to anyone, and her name is not on any government records, suggesting that "Unity" is in fact, not her real name. Whether or not she'll ever be tamed is a question that plagues anyone who has dealt with her, but the chip on her shoulder is so utterly gigantic that no one may ever know who she truly is, or why she behaves the way she does.

Cherry Adams (2019):
Easily mistaken for a bowl of cotton candy, little Cherry Adams sought out an internship at Laizo's Gym specifically to get to know gym-regular Barscolla Rivens. Cherry is known for her sweetness, friendliness, kindness and her big welcoming smile.  - She spent her entire childhood in an orphanage with brief intermissions of failed adoptions, but ancestry testing confirmed that she does in fact originate from somewhere in Rivens Valley, yet neither herself or big Barscolla Rivens can decipher who her real parents are. - The difficult upbringing has made Cherry deceptively tough - and though emotionally soft, worrying and easily upset; she is physically capable of enduring ridiculously high levels of punishment before finally going down for the count.

While mild-mannered and living a calm and subtle homelife, Cherry's world is frequently exploded whenever her childhood friend Harry is in town, or not in jail, or not on the run from the police. Harry will take little Cherry by the hand and lead her on a night of recklessness and insanity that may-well land them both in a cell overnight. It would be inevitable that these two opposites would become more than just friends, and both have redeeming qualities to share with one another. Although Harry appears as "the tough one" of the two, the tenderness of her best friend is like her recharger, and she wouldn't be who she is without Cherry.

Harriet Strike (2019):
(red trousers)
Drunk, oversexed, drugged, violent, gambling, thieving and with no regard for the law whatsoever, Harry is a rebel WITH a cause; she wants fun, and she wants it NOW. - Any laws she abides by are purely coincidental, and all laws she breaks are purely broken without considering the consequences. She is a chaotic yet compassionate hellhound ready to engulf the people she loves, and torment the people she hates. - Despite her tornado-like notoriety, she is notably vigilant and likable, and even most police officers enjoy trying to catch her, valuing her more as a cheeky mischief-maker as a posed to an outright villain. They know all of her tricks, all of her tactics, and yet still she'll find a way to escape their cuffs.

Growing up in the same orphanage as her childhood friends Cherry and Camelia, Harry was never adopted because she didn't want to be. Her fellow orphans were not in the best of care, and she didn't want to leave them to face it without her. When inspected by potential parents, Harry would act out to dissuade and discourage them, often making fun of them, swearing at them and even spitting if they leant too close. The third of Harry's trio, Camelia, would eventually succumb to suicidal thoughts, and Harry's first major crime became bludgeoning the offending staff-member responsible to death with a hammer. Harry was never caught or convicted for this crime, and to this day she has never felt a shred of guilt or remorse. The incident taught Harry that sometimes in life, you have to do the wrong thing to do the right thing.

Liaraz "Raz" Mendiaz (2018):

(red/blonde hair)
It's hard to believe that Raz is the oldest of the group by at least a decade, but she is. At the age of 35, this chipper little sex-worker has seemingly stopped aging years ago. She is a veteran in countless fields of exotic performing, being well-acclaimed in both dominatrix and sex-slave roles, as well as other pornographic movie roles. She has also performed as a stripper, and escort and a camgirl. She has a very patient and friendly nature, always with time for her friends if they needs her, but she is also known for her relentless gab. She's a chatty little woman more than capable of talking your ears off - a quality that she herself frequently laughs about.

Huge portions of Raz's memory are missing from her mind, and even today she unlocks old thoughts from time to time. She spent approximately 5 years of her life kidnapped at an unknown scientific facility somewhere between her late 20s and early 30s. - Since those days she has had a notoriously bad memory, and strange recollections of herself as a giantess, striding through a city below her feet. People frequently remind her of expansions she's done since, but her memories continue to forget them even after being reminded. Still, nothing much seems to extinguish her “razzle-dazzle”, as she tosses most of her downfalls aside like minor inconveniences, proving herself as almost emotionally bulletproof.

Lenore Exocute (2019):

(far right)
At first glance, Lenore looks like a smooth, smart and sophisticated woman - one of a vast psychological intellect to share with her friends in casual conversation. - But at second glance, most people realize that Lenore is in fact a coffee-drinking maniac who had her medical license revoked after repeated incidents of malpractice. Upon being revoked, the authorities discovered that her license was in fact counterfeit, and Lenore was sent to jail for a year - where she continued to counsel her inmates, who frequently beat her up due to her terrible, terrible advice.

There's no two-ways about it; Lenore Exocute, Dr. Exocute, Dr. Lenore, Dr. Morphine, Lenore Morphine, Dr. Love, Dr. Coffee, Dr. Smooth, Dr. Doctor, and Dr. Doctor Doctor - are all the aliases of the same individual, an individual who is quite QUITE bonkers. In fact, Lenore has "diagnosed" all of the Lightweights; Mary has HSD (Hot Sex Disease), Unity has Mad Bitch Syndrome, Cherry has Cupcake-itus, Harry has countless STDs, and Raz has a "height disorder". - Lenore also claims to have cured depression; claiming that it is cured by "being happy".

- Doc


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