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We want to create an interactive multimedia story with characters, world, music and themes that could be from a new Final Fantasy (not announced at Tokyo Game Show ;).
Please tell us what you think of it and what you would like to see in a new Final Fantasy or JRPG. Thanks for watching!

Omake (Bonus / Extra) Special with Outtakes, Making of VFX, Behind the Scenes, alternative Shots, Trailers and more from our Anime / Manga / Games Cosplay Crossover Live Action Web Series EXIT WARS 2nd Revolution.

FINALE !!! So this is a massive SPOILER !!!

► Please WATCH EPISODES 1-6 FIRST !!! -->… (Playlist starting from Ep.1)


This episode is the start of the second and final arc: Danger Zone (four episodes)..!

Here´s the finale of Arc 1.0ne /Game Zone. Next week: Start of the Danger Zone...!

Episode 1 of our Anime / Manga / Games Crossover Live Action Web Series EXIT WARS 2nd Revolution. Due to the production year it will be presented as Reboot in charming 4:3 SD retro look…😉 (English subtitle available.)

Story: Some day in the future. The world is ending. Only the ones, who play the dangerous Breaking Reality game EXIT WARS, have a chance to survive...

Some of you might have already guessed it in course of the 10th Anniversary of Final Fan-tasy Real, but now I have an official announcement to make...

This is the Double Teaser for two of my new dream projects~ Please enjoy and stay tuned for more! ^^

(English subtitle available!)

EXIT WARS (Playlist):…

EXIT WARS BR (spin-off series as prequel to EXIT WARS 2nd Revolution):
- Qualifying Entry Mission: Dance or Die! (This video! ;)
- Preliminary: ...coming this year as audio book!
- Round of 16: Death Game Island
- Quarter-Final: Panty & Stocking vs Melon Alien
- Semi-Final: The Story of Johnny S. Malice (coming this month!)
- Final:
EXIT WARS 2nd Revolution (coming this spring/summer!)

Trailer for the Final Fantasy VII audio drama "FAKE ORDER -Final Fan-tasy Real-" ...from Fans for Fans!
(English translated subs available!)

The countdown has ended, but here is a bonus track!
Hmm, to what has the countdown lead? Check it out in the video´s description...