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Trigun: Tug-o-War



Millions Knives, Nicholas D. Wolfwood, Vash the Stampede, Rem Saverem, and the line art of them, all belong to Mr. Yasuhiro Nightow. I only colored them.


In Trigun and Trigun Maximum anime / manga, two diametrically opposing philosophies are represented.

Knives desired the death of all humans. Trigun: KnivesFrown 

Rem taught that "No one has the right to take the life of another."

Two are caught between. Gradually, they approach understanding. In the process, they forge a friendship not soon forgotten.

Trigun: Vash Love+Peace 

Knives picture is from Trigun Maximum volume 4 chapter 7
Wolfwood picture is from Trigun Maximum volume 9 chapter 2
Vash picture is from Trigun Maximum volume 2 chapter 6
Rem picture is from Trigun Maximum volume 7 chapter 2

Note: If you're unfamiliar with Trigun and Trigun Maximum manga, please be warned: there are places where the story gets extremely intense and violent. It's similar to Ruroni Kenshin manga, with respect to "level of violence," if perhaps slightly less violent than the Naruto manga. The Trigun anime is rated for age 14+ for similar reasons, though several details are "toned down" in the anime, as compared to the manga.

However, there is also some truly exceptional content in that manga. The good stuff is especially likely to appear on pages where no battles are happening. Vash is an amazing character with at least as much depth and as many facets as the Count of Monte Cristo (though in a different manner and for different reasons), or Full Metal Alchemist.

This manga is not recommended for younger audiences. I hope that information helps prevent anyone else from being shocked, if they read the original Trigun and Trigun Maximum books that inspire my fan art and fanfiction.

May genuine love and true peace be present in your life. :aww:

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Thanks for adding this great piece of art, and your explanation of the manga is just wonderful as well. You make me want to take time to read it.