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Note: I do not own Trigun, “Vash ‘the Stampede’,” Nicholas D. Wolfwood, Milly Thompson nor Meryl Stryfe. They all belong to the incomparable Mr. Yasuhiro Nightow.

Milly's Musings

Not long ago, Sempai and I
Were called in by the Chief
The new tasks he then gave to us
Could make our lives quite brief

"The Humanoid Typhoon," he said,
"You must now go and find."
Such words he chose, as you might guess
Did fail to calm my mind

I asked Meryl what she did think
"Should we job-hunting go?"
From chest to shoes my heart did sink
At her emphatic "no"

For months we searched, and nothing found
But rumors wild and grim
We then met that odd gentle man
Who had a goofy grin

I wondered if he might be Vash
But Meryl, she did not
"A man like him," she assured me,
"Is not the one we've sought!"

'Twas disappointment I felt then
So silly yet so kind
"A good companion he could be"
Thus thought my untried mind

A huge surprise awaited us
Mistaken was Sempai
That kind, tall man in bright red coat
Was Vash, and that's no lie!

Adventures from that day began
To his coat tails we'd cling
As strange as those words surely sound
'Twas proven a good thing

Although we feared he might harm us
Instead, our lives he saved
Whatever else was true of him
The man's both kind and brave

'Twas but a few short days ago
A man, quite nasty, came
He did not know the man Vash is
Although he knew his name

The battle killed near half that town
We saw Vash's deep grief
His anger flared, yet it alone
Was killed to bring relief

On the next morn, we thought we'd heard
A sound from Vash's room
We rushed inside, without a knock
And peered into the gloom

I wonder who was most surprised?
Poor Vash's chest was bare!
He blushed as we stared all agape
He had scars everywhere

His left arm had not been torn off
The prior day when he'd fought
Cap, wires, and cables dangled down
A false arm he had lost

All yesterday, we rode a bus
Through its window Vash saw
A buckle's glint near to a man
Caught in the desert's maw

Vash called out for the bus to stop
The other's life was saved
Who was the tall, dark stranger thus
Spared from an early grave?

He'd carried on his back a cross
Almost as long as he
"Why carry that?" "A tradesman's pride,"
He answered cheerfully

"A man of cloth," is what he'd said
I thought "tailor" was meant
But quickly he corrected me
Instead, he's heaven-sent!

A wand'ring priest he claimed to be
In suit as black as sin
"I'm Nicholas D. Wolfwood," he
Said through a jaunty grin

"I seek to find lambs who have strayed
Far from their proper path"
I saw Meryl wrinkle her nose
Her thought: "he needs a bath!"

"Was it you who saved me?" he asked
We pointed toward Vash
As we did so, the priest drank deep
From Vash's water stash

Priest spoke to Vash, strange faces made
And then sat next to him
I saw the two were shaking hands
Repeatedly -- strange whim!

Without Vash's quick and sharp gaze
The priest, he would have died
I'm still so glad his life was saved
If not, I would have cried

The bus drove on and on and on
Long is the drive to town
That day slowly became a night
As suns went sinking down

A new day came, and as we woke
Juneora Rock was seen
At first far distant, but it grew
To near ere evening

We left the bus, Sempai and me
The priest and Vash also
There is something about that priest
My gaze to him does go

"God be with you," he said, "With luck
We soon will meet again."
And something in my soul was stirred
By those few words from him

I hope to see that priest again
And soon, instead of late
His handsome face, it fills my thoughts
Could he become my fate?

I watch him as he walks away
And hope his words are true
The list of what I want from life
Has just been added to
Note: Trigun, Vash the Stampede, Nicholas D. Wolfwood, Milly Thompson, and Meryl Stryfe all belong to the incredibly talented Mr. Yasuhiro Nightow. I only borrow, with respect.

How might the early days of searching for Vash, finding him, and then stumbling into *gasp* Wolfwood have seemed to Milly? This is one possibility, explored poetically.


In case anyone might be curious, I have written other fanfiction. While some is duplicate posted here at DA, all can be found through my profile at (There's no need to log in, simply to read things posted on that site. It's sort of like "DA for writers," and the format for posting writing is much easier to use. ;P)
JasperK-StoneKing Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2015
Ah Milly - such an uncluttered way of thinking.  She has a lovely outlook, doesn't she?
EdenEvergreen Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015
I like Milly.  :nod:
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