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Trigun: Lost Plushie Trio by EdenEvergreen Trigun: Lost Plushie Trio by EdenEvergreen

Update: Found!! They arrived... months later. Talk about relief! :D

Links to pictures of them with their stuffing in are below. :aww:


Plushie versions of Knives, Vash (in Eriks attire), and Wolfwood.

It took me about two years to make these, simple as they are. The reasons why it took so long were mostly that various health issues made it difficult for me to sit up long enough to accomplish much at any one time. This made progress extremely slow.

I finally finished them, and mailed them to a friend. (They are not stuffed because that significantly reduced shipping costs.) Unfortunately, twice the amount of time necessary for them to have arrived has come and gone... without them appearing at my friend's house. I fear they are lost. :(

Trigun "Lost Plushie" pictures:
* Vash as "Eriks"
* Wolfwood
* Knives
* Trio

Trigun "Found Plushie" pictures:
* Trigun: Found KV
* Trigun: Found VW
* Trigun: Found Trio

Trigun: Vash Love+Peace

"Millions Knives," "Vash the Stampede," and "Nicholas D. Wolfwood" characters, from "Trigun" and "Trigun Maximum," belongs to the amazingly talented Mr. Yasuhiro Nightow.
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JasperK-StoneKing Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2016
What a troop these three make.  Instant fight!  hehe.
EdenEvergreen Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2016
Trigun: KnivesGrin 
JasperK-StoneKing Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2016
Thanks for all the time you took to make them.  Sorry for the fight the SA postal service gave you over this all.  We're not the most together country.  (:  
*thinks about it* perhaps it is going along with something we locals call "African time"  The concept goes like this:  "It will happen when it is meant to happen, what is the rush?"  There is a sort of calm harmony in this which drives punctual time driven Westerners up the wall.  (:  One can only smile and accept it - trying to push it just makes you tired and doesn't get anywhere.
One-Percent Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2015
wow, you're very talented, they look so cute and cuddly!
I can imagine how much work must have been put into the designs and sewing. You can be proud of it because it's a delight to look at!

It's sad that they got lost :( but you never know, maybe someone IS currently appreciating them right now ^^

(Vash looks so sooo good :iconohyoublushplz: ! Cuteness overload) I would have loved to have a Knives plushy FREE flying hearts Icon 
Oh my, such kind words! :blushes: Thank you! :thanks:

It's a relief to know that the pictures, at least, can be enjoyed. Trigun: Vash Blushy Grin 

I wanted them to be cute and cuddly, while still recognizable for who they are supposed to be. The Knives one took the longest... there's so much detailing on his outfit, even though the one I made is significantly simplified from what he was drawn wearing in the manga...

I'm trying to overcome the heartache of this loss enough that I can bring myself to try again. I know that I'll feel better about it, eventually. It may take me awhile, though. =\

You can download the picture of the Knives plush. It's linked at the bottom of the description above. All the pictures of these three lost plushies are downloadable for free.
Crap that's too bad ... I never send anything with value without certifying the package :( . I'm so sorry, I can see you put a lot of effort and they look beautifull. Vash is my fav, but I have to agree that Knives suit looks gorgeus
EdenEvergreen Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2015
Technically, they had little monetary value. I mostly used fabrics I already had around the house... Wolfwood's suit, for example, came from an old pillowcase obtained at a used store for super cheap. The value was sentimental, contained in my work to design patterns and put together the figures in their appropriate custom outfits.

It is so sad that they are lost. :imsorry: I really wanted my friend to enjoy them, and I'd also wanted to see how they would look after being stuffed.

Did you look at the photos of each individual plushie, linked at the bottom? I made everything free downloads, so if you like one you can "take the picture home."

I wanted something good to come from this... hoping that people's enjoyment of the pictures will help offset my sorrow from the originals getting lost.

I'm glad you enjoyed looking at them. Trigun: Vash Blushy Grin 
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