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I do not own Trigun / Vash: he belongs to the amazing Mr. Yasuhiro Nightow.

Shortly after July was lost, before he began to remember more than a few tiny bits and pieces of his own life, Vash's thoughts may have looked something like this...

In the Desert

A sea of sand I see
Endless it seems to me
On it, I may roam free
My life a mystery

The blazing heat of suns
The weight of packing guns
When folk in towns do shun
My grief then deeply runs

I'm blamed for lost July
That thought, it makes me cry
So many then did die
No memories have I

Though, briefly, I've made friends
Too soon, it always ends
My head bows, my neck bends
With dust my tears then blend

Though peace and love I've sown
Neither to me is shown
Therefore, I roam alone
No home to call my own

Long, dry and dusty road
My weary steps have slowed
All in my bag I've stowed
I bear a heavy load

The suns begin to set
Though it's no cooler yet
I try, with all I've met
To give and not to get

Dark dunes of sand I see
Endless they seem to me
On them, I may roam free
My life a mystery
I do not own Trigun / Vash: he belongs to the amazing Mr. Yasuhiro Nightow.

After finding himself an adult amid the rubble of the once-great city of July, Vash was driven out into the desert. At first, he only recalled his earliest childhood. What did he think about, as he wandered in the desert and slowly began to remember only a few scattered details of his prior life? One possibility explored, poetically.


If anyone's curious, my other Trigun Fanfiction (most of it isn't duplicate posted at DA) can be found through my profile at :)

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March 14, 2015
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