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Purple Hair
Purple Hair
Several years ago, I was in a line at a second-hand store.
Along with several others, I was waiting to for my turn to pay for my chosen items. The clerk at the cash register where my line led was a young girl wearing a maroon shirt. Her hair was dyed a bright purple that clashed rather badly with the color of her shirt.
She didn't look very happy.
I found myself feeling curious. If she liked maroon, why had she chosen to dye her hair purple instead of something like blue, or green, or pink, which would not clash? I pondered this as I waited my turn and moved forward in the line.
I knew that most people appreciate it when someone takes an interest in them. I figured it might be reasonable to ask politely about her hair color choice. It might even cheer her up, to have someone show an interest in her as a person. I had done that before, cheering someone up by showing interest in them. It seemed worth a try then, also.
Eventually, the people in front of me finished thei
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Trigun: Stampede Stopped
I do not own Trigun / Vash, or any other characters from the anime or manga. They belong to the amazing Yasuhiro Nightow.
Stampede Stopped
Year 1735 month 3 day 14, at Seeds Village
Vash stared out through a window, considering the clouds in the early morning light.
The suns were just peeking over the horizon. The suns' light seemed to be gilding all of the many wispy clouds this morning. Those clouds were probably dust instead of moisture, but, for the moment, they were beautiful.
Visual beauty was, perhaps, the most fragile and fleeting thing in nature.
He'd just finished washing up after his morning workout. His stomach rumbled, but he wanted to enjoy the fleeting beauty of the morning sky while it lasted.
It was the 14th day of the third month, or 3.14. A few people (most of whom were teachers, scientists or engineers) still celebrated this date as "pi day."
His thoughts ricocheted about within his head, until they turned to Engineer Elizabeth. The last time he
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Trigun: Young Plants by EdenEvergreen Trigun: Young Plants :iconedenevergreen:EdenEvergreen 15 35 John 11:25-26 by EdenEvergreen John 11:25-26 :iconedenevergreen:EdenEvergreen 24 2
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Lots of excellent fanfiction/poetry and colored manga scans/redraws this month!  We love seeing the manga brought to life in new and different, terrific ways!  
Sometimes re-coloring work of other artists is a great way to start learning how to draw on your own.  It certainly helps in learning how to color better and that will improve your own artwork!  Taking the time to look at a professional artist's work helps you see the flaws in your own drawing, and you can always take away great ideas from them, how to pose figures, how to do action or draw figures.  I personally love the way Nightow draws backgrounds.  He does such intricate work, especially in his earlier chapters (later on he switched from pen & ink to computer drawing) and that shows a lot of love and energy put into a single panel for a comic book page!
Poetry also is a great way to quickly put down a thought onto a piece
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