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Strong beauty

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This is one of the other characters I like to draw. She's the twin sister to Zerien and is a pretty complicated character. For one she's a princess but also the best fighter in the country (better than her own brother) But such strength comes at a cost and Most Men don't find her very attractive due to ehr strength. Therefore her solution is to just look as beautiful as possible even when kicking someone's Butt. She hides most of her emotions so most people don't realize just how fragile she actually is. Her brother is about the only person that see's it beside Tess. hehe

on another note she also likes to torture people :P

btw her name's Jasmine
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rubyclawsProfessional General Artist
wow ... i really loved it... haha.. your pics are better than mine!
don't worry about it!! XD
If you wanna to be my friend and talk about our arts.. it will be nice =D
thanx for attention!!
ja ne!
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Do you think I could color this. I'll of course credit you and add a link. I love your work, and sadly I'm much better at coloring than actually doing my own lineart. So could I please?
It's fine if you want to do it yourself. I just thought I'd ask.
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Sure It's fine with me ^-^ i need to color it myself too
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that oufit pwns ; ^ ; :heart:
i have a sudden urge to make it
as always D:
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I actually do own it hehe.... hehee..... HEEE HEE I'm wearing it to fanime XD
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omg... *cries*
i wanna see it now lol, XDDD
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lashanathaoHobbyist Interface Designer
oh she is beautiful and such an great character. you much talent that i'm greatly fond of. the style of sketching you do is always fabulous. great job on her^^ :hug:
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cool! Nice lineart!
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Awesome!! :clap:
I love her pose, looks very strong! ^^ And the outfit looks fantastic, also nice line-art!! :D
Her personality is also very intersting :)
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Yeah I like complicated characters, course Zerien's the most complicated out of them all. Tess is... well sadly she's pretty simple and naieve. But that also makes her easy to pick on hehe. Jasmine likes to tease and yeah she does like torture... umm just as long as it's not really hurting someone............

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Well you also do a great job at them.. :nod:
All your characters sound great!!! :clap:
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wow, she is beautiful. You should colour it
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I still have the previous one in the works for being colored. I want to color it though ^-^ hehe one because she's my only blonde character and she's got purple eyes XD
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well i cant wait to see it
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