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Sageria Fireia

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this was the character i used to draw all the time next to drawing Tess. She was origionally a side character for a story i had but realizing her story was just a lot ebtter and her personality too I made her into a main character. Sage's story is tragic. Her family and all her people were mudered when she was too young to rememebr anything. But because she survived for unknown reasons neighboring kingdoms viewed ehr as cursed and tried to kill her off. She was rescued by Skye's and was given a job as protector to his son. The Prince Zeke. Over time Sage grew strong learning many forms of fighting as well as becomign more of the noble type as her blood should be. But she also came to love the prince because of his kindness towards her... even though she knew well enough he loved his adopted sister. there's another character that gets added in Named, Reighant. He pursue's sage in a teasing way Making her angry on purpose. he also pursue's zeke's adopted sister just to aggravate the prince too. Reighnant claims he's looking for a lost princess Sage and zeke both assume he means the true princess of Galantra.

the story deals into thinks opretty dramatically but also with a lot of comedy since zeke vira sage and reighnant all plot against eachother leading to some really funny outcomes. I won't give a way much of the story yet but I plan to have some serious suspense. and i hope you like sage and her design. ^-^ she's always been a favorite of mine (moreso than tess)
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ZOMG, I love the coloring technique on this one, and her outfit too. It reminds me of the songstress outfit from FFX-2.
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InsanitywithapencilProfessional Digital Artist
oo! the story sounds so interesting and I love this character design *_* ..and the coloring is just awesome :3
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its colored :3
i like the use of bright and natural colors
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Hehe aww thanks I'm always unsure about color concepts so i just randomly pick colors. I think i need to take a color theory class though.
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ah, same here, its really hard to choose the right colors >.<
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paellamagiHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Looks lovely! I love those expressive eyes. :)
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interesting coloring technique. your style intrigues me.
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lashanathaoHobbyist Interface Designer
i love it!! you did such a wonderful job picking the colors for this piece!! OMG OMG OMG!!
she is such a cool chick... i wanna be her!!
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lashanathaoHobbyist Interface Designer
lol... i just HAD to look at this again and :+favlove: ....
i love the way you colored this piece!! and her proportions are so good!! Props to you!
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..... Holy crap :wow: Her lance is totally and uberly awesome. The coloring... ahh.. envy. -reaches out to pet picture-
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hehe this is actually the first time i worked with such a large image whem coloring... ususally i use an image that's 150 dpi but i'm trying to do more 600 dpi.
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Oh, yeah, she's dangerous.
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