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Jasmine snow

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This was a drawing i put aside for a long time and eventually went back and finished. I am quite pleased with the results of the image. I am fully aware of her right leg being a bit long in the calf I plan to try to fix it but i may just leave it.

I love making new costumes or playing with idea's for clothing I would like to wear myself. Her vest and the off the shoulder shirt below it are two things i find very sexy and attractive. Since the character herself is a bit boyish i chose clothing that was just that except being she's a very attractive woman she also keeps her feminine beauty. I did mess up in drawing her spear a bit but i will also probably try to fix it in coloring

But anywho Please give me feedback I love suggestions and comments
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Love the costume!! Very cool! :3
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Guh, I envy you're attention to detail, something that will elude me forever D:

Critique: Hmm, this is pretty darn good to me, the only thing that looks awkward is her right arm. I know it's pretty much impossible to change it, but the fact that they are both so straight looks odd.

Well, that's the best I could come up with at least =w=

Good job