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Ceyone - The ancient guardian

Character  creatureLocation  Toronto Ontario Canada
Ceyone was a protector of sorts, guarding loyally over the heart of the forest from would-be bounty hunters and exploiters of nature. It's ethereal shape allows it to phase in and out of existence, in which many fauna seem to be not aware of. The only critters that tend to notice this beast are of the serpentine qualities or humanoid children. 

Many humans have heard of it's legend. Including the ability of turning anything into stone. Or so it is believed.

There have been accounts of children in villages around the jungle it resides in to have spotted the serpent and played games with the colossal beast. Many villages of close proximity to it believe it is of a peaceful nature. Asking it for blessings when droughts and floods plague the landscape.    


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This piece is so well put together! I really like its lore as well. Those butterflies are especially charming for me) 
Eden-West's avatar
Aw thank you kindly Silvertail! :) The butterflies were a fun touch to add in!
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Very cool-looking art, and interesting lore for this creature too ;) It kind of reminds me of a basilisk, being a serpent with petrification abilities and all.
Eden-West's avatar
Yeah exactly! :D I love basilisk/snake like mythology, it's awesome you somewhat got that feel from it! Thank you so much for your comment though, and kind words. <3 Huggle! 
TheTrueAmberCat's avatar
I like the little noodle in the bush at the bottom <3
Eden-West's avatar
yeesss.. I needed snake buddies for the big boi ;_; Pudding is happy to see you 
HeartsUnlocked's avatar
Really cool design, I love the slight transparency in the location of the weapons.
Eden-West's avatar
Thank you so much Heart! I'm happy you noticed those little details. :P Took me quite a bit to figure out and portray well. xD 
SketchMonster1's avatar
Beautiful detail and gorgeous color lotus flower. Great job!  If you get time please give feedback on some of my art. 
bluewingfairy's avatar
You're very welcome❤️Hug, how are you?😊.

Eden-West's avatar
I am doing good thank you! I hope you are as well! Big Fool Emoji-28 (High Five YES) [V4] 
bluewingfairy's avatar
Why thank you!HugBig Fool Emoji-28 (High Five YES) [V4]. 
AnaEsenin's avatar
это здорово - одна красивая картинка, несколько строк и интересная история. Спасибо, это вдохновляет.
Eden-West's avatar

Спасибо за такой добрый комментарий. Я счастлив, что смог подарить вам положительные эмоции. :)
SGRWTR's avatar
Nice warm and cool contrast!
Eden-West's avatar
Thank you! :D So happy you caught the nice little subtle differences in the colors. I love when I am able to do it right. :ladummyhighfive: 
FirestarterFumei's avatar
It's beautiful! I love the story you wrote for it, too!
Eden-West's avatar
Daw thank you so much! ;_; Happy you enjoyed the little story for the boop snoot! 
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Thank you Michael! La la la la 
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