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Ulquiorra - Do I frighten you?

EDIT: nearly 5000 views?! bloddy hell thanks for looking everyone.

Thanks for looking at my piece. from bleach chapter 353 page 20.

you will have to excuse the quality for now. my scanner is acting up a bit and only allowing a fairly low res scan =( (ill try to update it with better quality soon )

Anyway about the pic - i started "reading" (i basically got tired of the flipping filler and wanted to see what happened) bleach about 3 weeks ago. i though the way this scene happened was in pretty epic BUT lets face this particular frame deserved its own page, also the detail on it was pretty rubbish so i decided to redo it as show here. i know its probs been done before but i wanted to do it.


if you like this check out my youtube account here -
to see the step by step drawing.

i hate to do this but... im looking for a membership but actually have NO money. if you are extremely kind i wont say no to a little gift form you =)

tools used - a 4b and HB pencil, kneaded rubber, tortillion, and a little bit or charcoal.

thanks for looking, hope you like it


"If you don’t know, then I will show you. This is the true form of despair."

- Ulquiorra Cifer
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Very nice drawing!
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Nice work!
It's not all to frightening but it could be somewhat...
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thanks for the comment =) i love how everyone is like "no its not very scary" i just called it that cos thts wht he says when he speaks to orihime.
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Yeah, it's pretty sweet, and I think I've seen that episode... :D
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Nice drawing...
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Ulquiorra:.........why the bleeding HELL is everyone so frightened of ME?!? i'm not he scary one! AIZEN is!
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LOLOLOL, agreed =)
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Ulquiorra:......i am borrowing the account of a friend to write this. she happens to love the picture you made. she wants to know, is it alright if she 'watches' you?
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lol DEFO =) go for it, tell her thanks =)
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Ulquiorra: she has so few friends, will you be hers?
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is she on dA? gimme her account info if she does, ill add her =)
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Ulquiorra: she certainly is. she writes nature poetry. she hae a VERY popular poem called 'For Shilang' it is about a white tiger. as we are fairly new ti DA, i am not sure how to do what you are asking. i suppose, you could do what i did for her, and click on her name, to get to her profile, and then go to deviatn watch and there you have it. goood luck
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omg he is sexy in this pic^^ great job best pic iv seen if u were in the contest i was hoasting u would of won lol nice job ^^
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lol thanks man =) i'll add it to your group if you want =P
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CEROOOOOOooo. Nice sketch. ^^ Keep it UP.
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looks awesome! :w00t:
Random question, did you use an eraser, at all?
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yeah i did, i used a kneaded one on the shadows on the body, and a standard vinyl one to get rid of mistakes XD
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awesome! doesn't look like it has any mistakes though XD
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