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How to make a tortillion

Hey guys, this is a how to image for making tortillions =)
im sure there must be a few others out there but this was made for a fortnightly (two weekly), " real life photoshop tool replacements" on the Done by Hand Anime Club. hopefully you will find it a bit useful.

it would be best to either download this or use full screen as it is a fairly big image.

One thing that has always bugged me is having to pay for something when you can literally get it for free (i have been told that "haha you lose papers not free" but then lets be serious it basically is. igf your that desperate go into your local library and get some plainish leaflets.simple) so i decided to share a bit of knowledge with you all. hopefully this will save a bit of money and work for you too.

Anyway a few tips.
1) make sure you try a variety of stokes with you tortillion. go across lines along lines, try everything

2) try lots of different paper. For those of you in school try your chemistry labs for some filter paper, it really is very good for this.

3) remember to clean the end by rubbing it with an eraser.

4) Before cleaning the end look at your drawing, if there is anywhere that need extremely light shading try using it as it will give you very light strokes.

thanks for looking guys. pls check out my drawings on my page and watch me + join our group for more stuff to come.
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Have you thought of using a Paper Foot-ball? Its a Triangle, used to make these in school, Now im using them just as a Tortillion.
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ahhhh.. now i know...
i spent some of my money to buy a tortillion for my curiosity
i didn't know its easy to make..
thanks for this tutorial :icongreatjobplz:
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What a joyful life hack for a... money-saving artist like me :lol:

This is great! Thanks a lot for the tips!
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Saved my life!!! thank you for such an awesome tutorial
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i Could Hug, you right now man.

--Come on,. Give me a *Power Hug.. ( >^ _ ^) >
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Thank you! You don't know how much I needed this.
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Oh this will help me save some money!
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This will help with my realistic art!!
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FUUUUUUUUUUUUU- I tried using mine and it crumpled up the end X< I need more practice with these..
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Nice alternative when you really can't find a tortillion already made for you. Thanks for putting this up. :)
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its really heöpful but, i suck in rolling! xD gosh i needed so many tries until it somewhat looked Ok xDD well thanks again :DD
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This was very helpful, thank you!
Thanks for the tutorial!
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thanks very much for sharing this.
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I can never do it without it turning into a cone, I don't understand >.<
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i guess its just me, but i cant roll the paper tight enough without screwing the whole thing up
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I just made one. That "fold the smallest corner over" is tricky. lol.
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I've always wondered what a tortillion was. Now I know. Thanks.
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a tortillion is a tool use by artists to leave smudges usually for charcoal but can also be used for various other tools. it basically makes a picture look more realistic or leaves great shades
I must be a god damn idiot because I can't get this to work.
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make sure you get the measurements right and really roll it think. rub corner between your fingers if you need to to help yourself.
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thankyou so much!!! This has been most helpful!!!!
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Thank you sooooo much :DD
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