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Hey Thanks for looking. This is a drawing i did for valentines day a while back. So far its definitely my favorite drawing ive done but then again FMA is literally the greatest thing ive ever seen as far as im concerned. to be honest ive never been a fan of anime relationships, this is the only one where i thing they really work...

so yeah this is done entirely in HB and 3B pencil. Hopefully you like it, im pretty happy with how it came out espec the arm. pls do watch me for more stuff to come.

Winry-"Have you broken your arm AGAIN??? "

Ed-"Well, when I get my original limbs back, I won't ever need automail again"
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Good job on this :D
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So funny!! This totally fits these two. They are so cute together.
Yes Winry. He broke his arm. AGAIN.
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cool traditional work!
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That's a very awesome sketch, loving the details and plus it's just very awesome, well done ^_^
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I think you did a pretty good job rending both Ed, and Winry. The shading is pretty good as well. Though I am most impressed by how well you did on Ed's Automail arm. Lots of a detail, especially getting those smaller parts in. Well done.

FMA is my second favorite Anime, second only to Wolf's Rain. Both really well written, and executed stories. Very lovable, and believable characters.
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that nechanicak arm looks difficult tp do
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Very sweet picture. ^^
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Great art. This is one of the best traditional art I've seen. Good job.
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o.O really? wow thanks =)
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I love Winry's expression, hehe. Cute picture!!
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Cute,this looks just like them!
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You're a really great artist! Good job on this :D
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I like how she's seemingly henpecking him while fixing him up at the same time. :3
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FMA FTW!!!! :love:
You did a really nice job ^_^
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This is some nice work! Keep this up!
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Surpreme greatness as always, I wouldn't expect any less!!
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