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Death Note-Kira Smile

Hey Guys =]

this is my version of a wallpaper i found on pretty sure its quite popular and you've seen it before =P

the difference is that i did this entirely with nothing but a black Crayola pencil i found in my draw. i really liked the wallpaper and hadn't seen many pics in this style so i drew one. i started to smudge the colour together to try and get rid of the "pencil look" but then i you can tell. Basically my hand was covered in pencil smudge and also i decided a hand drawn feel is a good thing. LOL

"I am Justice"
-Yagami Ratio

hopefully you like it. pls do watch me for more stuff to come.

Also if your a fan of anime and traditional art check out this group click the avatar below.


thanks :iconedelric666:
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Stunning work Very allusive.
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that's a lot of graphite! awesome job with this.
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dood... epic...
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I really like the way you drew this. It's very well done.
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Cool, did you blur it in certain parts using comp?
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no i didnt...i use my fingers,a tottillion (3 diffrent 1 made of printer filter and chalk paper) and tissue. does it look like its computer blured? awesome =]
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ZOMG. Must favorite!!
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You're very welcome!!
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oh darn...woah.
Looks just like him.
I think I'll have nightmares,once again.

Me likes ^^
(even though I'm not actually that obsessed about Kira. Glad the ending of Death Note happened.)
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LOL im pretty okay with the ending too. i would defo be a kira supporter but he had to die for the story to be as good as it was...happy he won against L tho =P

thanks for the comment...pls do watch for new stuff to come. what do you reckon i should upload next out of byakuya or a fullmetal alchemist piece?
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Lol, I'd think it would be cool to do a byakuya piece.
It has that dark yet soothing feeling to it.
Quite similar to Death Note (dark) but a little softer.
I'd think it would be cool to experiment between the
whole 'dark' things of/or relating to byakuya & try to add in a bit
of that 'soothing' ambiance in your drawing as well. :]
It's hard to capture two completley different things in a drawing,
but I think you'd be real good @ doing it. 8D

But that's just my opinion, whatever you think is the best
has got to be the best since you're the one drawing it. :]
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well ive srawn both already...i just dont wanna upload it all at once. im gonna do the FMA one first cos a group is offering critiques and i wanted ti looked at =]
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