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Wandering in within the fairytale...


she / they ✦ infj-t

hi, i'm eden! i'm somewhat quiet but i don't mind chatting!

i enjoy worldbuilding and developing my characters especially!

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★ please reply here!
☆ i like to keep my page neat!
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AAA YOUR ART IS SO WONDERFUL AND GODLY HHH ;;;0;;; <3333 The color palettes you use are so soothing and your characters are all so pretty <333 every art piece is so inspiring to me like seriously--- you're one of my biggest inspirations with how beautiful everything is! i hope you have a great week and stay safe, and we can be art friends if you want :)

AHH i'm so sorry for the late reply! i can't figure out eclipse for the life of me and only saw this now

i am so flattered that you like my work! i've been putting so much effort into my progress this year and i'm delighted that it shows! thank you sm for the kind words ;;

oml I love your page so much ;-; <3
THANK YOU!!! i love purple
and obvsly your art =b
im loving the new username! very lovely!