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Edea Kramer by MCAshe
Edea Kramer by MCAshe
Sorceress Edea- Final Fantasy VIII by DarkRone
Luz helada by ManuSauci
Bewitching by Hopie-chan
The Succession Of The Witch by UndiciSmaug
Edea Final Fantasy VIII by AnaMaria88
Digital Art
Edea Kramer - Matron by grantsaylor
FF Pinup: :VIII: Edea by KatChan00
Under Her Control by loulaubye
Traditional Art
Edea by PainePunisher
FF8- Edea and Ultimecia by StrawberryLoveAlways
Ultimate Edea by GothDream
The Sorceress Edea by jzsfrk
Edea and Cid
Headmaster Cid and Edea by Kenichi2point0
Kramers Lineart by ChibiKinesis
Cid x Edea for Helenovision by Tashtastic
Edea and Seifer
Icons, Stamps, Misc.
Edea by Ellexon
Edea with renamed bones by ManbeastMan
Edea FFVIII in white dress by linneVegGirl
Seifer and Edea Stamp by MrsHighwind

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Regular membership is automatic, for those who wish to apply for an admin position you must first contact an existing administrator to do so then get their approval. Once you do that, you will be sent an invitation asking you to be an officer of this group.

Founder - unlimited
Co-Founders - 10 per day
Contributors - 7 per day
Members - 5 per day
Affiliates - 3 per day
Non Members - none obviously, unless of course you negotiate with members of the admin

Free for all; meaning to say anyone and everyone, so long as they are a member of this group or part of our affiliates, can submit an unlimited amount here

So long as you are a member of this group or part of our affiliates then you can also post blog.

Group Info

Greetings there random deviant!

If by chance you stumbled upon this group by accident or were suggested to visit by a friend then I bid you welcome to deviantART's first and ONLY fanclub dedicated to Edea Kramer, a powerful sorceress featured in Final Fantasy VIII as a major antagonist (while possesed by Lady Ultimecia) opposite Squall Leonhart and his friends. She is also reputed to be the well known founder of SEED, an organization dedicated to stopping Ultimecia.

If you love :iconedeakramerplz: then join this group to show your support for her!
Founded 9 Years ago
Oct 26, 2010


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Fan Club

84 Members
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11,315 Pageviews
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Our affiliates. :heart: We affiliate with, and accept affiliation requests from, all FF related groups. Want to affiliate? Feel free to send an invite. :)
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We admins of this group are essentally the right hand of this mighty sorceress and it is under her name that we operate.

If you happen to encounter any problems that arise within the group, then feel free to consult any of them.


Hello Edea fans! :)

It's been a few months since a proper update, so I thought I should do something to remedy that.  The group is (still) always looking for official Contributors who are interested in submitting any Edea related art they may come across here on dA, so feel free to request becoming one, we'd be happy to have you!  

Also, when I took over as Founder, a lot of the features of the group were not left to my liking, so I'll be taking the next couple of days to go through and organize things, hopefully making the group more user friendly and inviting to non-members looking to join.  I intended to do this earlier, but this summer has been a rough ride, so now is really my first opportunity to set things straight.

It's also worth mentioning that I would love to host a contest one of these days, but I need to know that members are interested in participating.  When it comes to size, we're not the biggest group, but we're definitely not the smallest.  We are currently at 53 members, most of which are not active, so it seems.  It's very discouraging as an admin to see all of those people, with only a handful that truly seem dedicated to the group.  It's even more discouraging when you get very excited about holding a contest, get a selection of prizes ready, and even after a few deadline extensions, no one enters or even seemed interested in the contest in the first place.  (I know this from experience, from a contest I tried holding at another group I run, a few months back).  My apologies for the rant, but I feel very passionate about this group, and the potential it could have.  

So, that's our update.  Remember, if you want a contest, and we're talking about with Subscriptions, Commissions, Features, and Points for prizes here, speak up!  I'm not going to assume that anyone wants to do it, but I'm not going to assume that anybody doesn't want to do it, either.  

Have a wonderful day! :)
Hi everyone, HelenaHelenova here.  I am excited to announce that I have become the new Founder for the group!  This is very exciting for me, because as you may or may not know, I absolutely adore Edea.  She has to be my absolute favorite character out of any fandom that I've ever had, so having the honor to now run a dA group for her is like a dream come true.  :)

A big round of applause for TheTrueDarkness, who has spent the last few months rebuilding the group, and making it a lot easier on me to come in a take over.  Thanks again, TheTrueDarkness!  It was great having to opportunity of working with you for a short while!  :iconclappingplz:

Right now, we currently have one Contributor, the fabulous pixiekitty.  I feel that we could be more productive as a group if we had at least five Contributors total, who would help out with looking for new Edea related pieces that the group might otherwise not notice, recruit new members, and generally help keep things in line over here.  So, if anyone is interested in filling the remaining four slots, please :note:Note the group with your inquiry.  If this isn't quick to catch on, I will be going through and making my own pics for Contributors by next week, so if you are interested, please let me know sooner rather than later!

To keep things interesting around here, I do plan on hosting some contests or challenges here in the near future, so if anyone has any ideas for possible themes, don't hesitate to let me know!  Also, there will be some polls coming up, via the poll widget on my personal account, so stay tuned!  :D

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