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Bahamut (Time Lapse/ Speedpaint Included) by eddywardster Bahamut (Time Lapse/ Speedpaint Included) :iconeddywardster:eddywardster 26 2 Shine by eddywardster Shine :iconeddywardster:eddywardster 7 1 Comic Character Concept: Dwayne by eddywardster Comic Character Concept: Dwayne :iconeddywardster:eddywardster 5 1 Basking Dragon by eddywardster Basking Dragon :iconeddywardster:eddywardster 9 2 Inktober 5 - Long by eddywardster Inktober 5 - Long :iconeddywardster:eddywardster 4 0 Inktober 4 Underwater by eddywardster Inktober 4 Underwater :iconeddywardster:eddywardster 7 0 Inktober 3 - Poison by eddywardster Inktober 3 - Poison :iconeddywardster:eddywardster 4 1 Inktober 2 - Divide by eddywardster Inktober 2 - Divide :iconeddywardster:eddywardster 4 1 Inktober 1 - Swift by eddywardster Inktober 1 - Swift :iconeddywardster:eddywardster 5 0 Art Fight: Mavin Aphello by eddywardster Art Fight: Mavin Aphello :iconeddywardster:eddywardster 7 0 Art Fight: Zodiac Mortimer by eddywardster Art Fight: Zodiac Mortimer :iconeddywardster:eddywardster 6 6 Lady Fennel by eddywardster Lady Fennel :iconeddywardster:eddywardster 11 4 Sunati and Austen by eddywardster Sunati and Austen :iconeddywardster:eddywardster 6 0 Raging Rebirth by eddywardster Raging Rebirth :iconeddywardster:eddywardster 8 5 Happy Birthday Tree! by eddywardster Happy Birthday Tree! :iconeddywardster:eddywardster 6 3 Loonh Gah by eddywardster Loonh Gah :iconeddywardster:eddywardster 13 1


On That Morning by luniara On That Morning :iconluniara:luniara 461 24 They are too shy for this pose by DelacroixSasha They are too shy for this pose :icondelacroixsasha:DelacroixSasha 27 12 Berserker mode by SuiseiKillfaeh Berserker mode :iconsuiseikillfaeh:SuiseiKillfaeh 57 2 Breath of fear by panjoool Breath of fear :iconpanjoool:panjoool 3,450 261 Enough is enough by Autlaw Enough is enough :iconautlaw:Autlaw 1,117 11 From Pink to Rose, From Rose to Pink by CosmicChrissy From Pink to Rose, From Rose to Pink :iconcosmicchrissy:CosmicChrissy 204 11 Firekeeper Speedpaint by StrayQrow Firekeeper Speedpaint :iconstrayqrow:StrayQrow 17 3 ~ Lady Maria Speedpaint ~ by StrayQrow ~ Lady Maria Speedpaint ~ :iconstrayqrow:StrayQrow 27 6 Lothia by kamiyamark Lothia :iconkamiyamark:kamiyamark 519 7 Vyator by kamiyamark Vyator :iconkamiyamark:kamiyamark 290 6 Long Looped Locks by treesareredinautumn Long Looped Locks :icontreesareredinautumn:treesareredinautumn 58 13 Lamprocapnos and Plumerias by treesareredinautumn Lamprocapnos and Plumerias :icontreesareredinautumn:treesareredinautumn 31 6 AF: Sweet Heavens by treesareredinautumn AF: Sweet Heavens :icontreesareredinautumn:treesareredinautumn 23 0 AF: Veronica Atwood by treesareredinautumn AF: Veronica Atwood :icontreesareredinautumn:treesareredinautumn 27 0 AF: Ryouko cutie by treesareredinautumn AF: Ryouko cutie :icontreesareredinautumn:treesareredinautumn 36 0 AF: Lepidopterophobia by treesareredinautumn AF: Lepidopterophobia :icontreesareredinautumn:treesareredinautumn 29 0


I like the blueness of this piece for sure. The way you used different hues of blue is very well done here. You also used hints of red ...


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Hey guys! I am not curious anymore about being Core. I think I'd like to be Core one of these days. If you would like to support me to that goal, feel free to donate a few points or so. Again no pressure. Your choice.

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I am an aspiring art novice looking for ways to improve my art. I hope that you enjoy my art as I strive to get better along the way!
The kinds of art that I like to do are usually about characters, creatures, action scenes, romantic scenes, portraits and mostly about other things I am interested in. I do hope you enjoy your stay!

The profile pic is by :icontreesareredinautumn:
Hey I'm here at these sites too!
Facebook Page:…
Youtube Channel:…

Buy Me a Coffee at

Interested in commisioning me?
Here's a link to my Price List:


Hey guys!

I am looking for a way to improve on myself and one of the things I want to address is this weird phenomenon where whenever something romantic or a lovey -dovey romance scene is shown to me, I get abit of a trigger and just yell out "bleh!" And start spouting out negative things like "that'll never happen" or "Love is just a joke. This is just BS."

I know it sounds crazy and very childlike but its how I react now. It happens automatically like a trigger of sorts. The first instance of this happening was after getting rejected by my crush. It hurt a lot and overtime I developed some sort of aversion towards anything romantic (i.e kissing scenes, confessions, declaring each others love, wedding scenes and etc).

I actually, used to like these things but with the rejection coming to pass, I just don't see them the same anymore unless with hatred.

Would like to know if anybody could relate and share some advice regarding this. I want to find a way to fix this and improve on myself.

Thank you for lending your time in reading this.
New Artwork with timelapse/speedpaint video of it out now!
Bahamut (Time Lapse/ Speedpaint Included)
Hey guys!

I've made a speedpaint of this artwork. Here check it out:

I have been holding it in what with my return to college and continuing my pursuit to improvement. In order to cope with it, I had to do dozens of sketches in my skecthbook until I got the time to actually do this in Photoshop. Ever since I listened to the theme song of this summon in Dissidia NT, I just felt pumped and inspired to do a painting of Bahamut. And man was he detailed to work with!

I sure wish I could play the game someday.

 I hope you guys enjoy!
Hey guys!
New artwork with a time lapse (speedpaint)  video of it incoming!!!
64 deviations
Here are my price tags!

If you are sure about commissioning me, send me a PM.

I don't charge points anymore and you may only pay me through PayPal. I will provide you the link to my PayPal through PM.

Here's what I offer currently...

Digital Illustrations!

Package A: 

Christmas AT: Zella by eddywardster Christmas AT: Erogan by eddywardster Christmas AT: Violet by eddywardster
$15.00 CAD
- Minimum 1 Character.
- Simple Gradient Background
- Simple to no shading.

Package B:
Pharah Muffins ( MLP x Overwatch Crossover) by eddywardsterSombra Glimmer ( MLP x Overwatch fanart ) by eddywardsterMercy Celestia (MLP x Overwatch) by eddywardster
$33.00 CAD
- Minimum 1 Character.
- More well-defined characters.
- More defined background.
- Comes with additional effects and elements.

Package B:
Undyne the Undying vs Dragonslayer Ornstein by eddywardsterCommission: Pyramid Head vs Nemesis by eddywardsterRaging Rebirth by eddywardster

$40.00 CAD 
- Minimum 2 Characters.
- Even more well-defined characters.
- More defined Background.
- Comes with additional effects and elements.

These packages are the basic gist of what I am offering. If you have a certain preference that you want done, be it an extra element or an additional character and etc, please use these packages as a basis of it and we can negotiate something through PMing(Notes).

Also, when it comes to sizes, I usually go 8.5 x 11 in. Either Landscape or Portrait style. We can also negotiate on a custom size by inches.

Also take note that these prices may be prone to change later on as I see fit.

All in all, thanks for checking out this journal and considering to commission me.

Have a nice day/night!


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