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Flatting Tutorial

you will need:

1 copy of Photoshop and Patience.


I recently started the group #Flats-for-Colorists,
so I thought it might be a good Idea to make this as a simple guide to preparing and flatting Lineart for color.

Dj goh goh is property of :iconshwann:
lineart is by :iconcarlosgomezartist:

The flats for this image will be available in the :iconflats-for-colorists: gallery
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tnx so much for sharing to us all! now I may have the chance to become one of you guys in which I intendintend to do! 
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Thanks for this :thumbs:
Eddy-Swan-Colors's avatar
glad you could use it :)
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you also need an 'e' to replace the incorrect 'a' in 'patiance'...
Eddy-Swan-Colors's avatar
... bloody school teachers ;P
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first off i want say this tutorial is really helpful but do you have a tutorial for the next stage ? i want my colors to really pop out
Eddy-Swan-Colors's avatar
I don't think there will be one in the foreseeable future. I have too much on my plate. But the are likely plenty of other great tutorials out there by people other then me.
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question how do you switch from lasso tool to polygonal lasso tool while doing flats?
Eddy-Swan-Colors's avatar
if you hold alt you can switch mid selection. otherwise you have to finish your selection and change using the main tool bar.
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Thanks for the tutorial, really help get me started!!

Great job :D
Eddy-Swan-Colors's avatar
Glad you enjoyed it!
tshorty11's avatar
Yep should have up some flats soon! Thanks again!
JoeWillsArt's avatar
Thanks. Needed this...
Eddy-Swan-Colors's avatar
glad it will come in handy
kengibson's avatar
Great tut! This will help a lot of people...
Eddy-Swan-Colors's avatar
it seems to be hitting the right buttons.
Killian-Blackheart's avatar
Nice Tutorial. Cant wait to try it out.
Eddy-Swan-Colors's avatar
thanks! goodluck with it :)
Thanks for the tutorial. Made my life sooo much easier now!
Eddy-Swan-Colors's avatar
glad you could use it! :)
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