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YOKO RITONA: Afternoon Stroll - Gurren Lagann

Photoshop CS5.1 Extended; 25hours+/- Illustration, Painting, Airbrushing & Photoshoping. 

- Special request for someone; wanted me to use Yoko's figurine as reference, the Max Factory PVC figure! It sets her back around USD300 in Ebay, dafuq!!!

- I tried to draw as close to it as possible but it won't be fun to just replicate almost the same thing, so I improvised half way.
Credits to the figure maker :D

- If you didn't notice Boota, I'm sure your eyes are fixated onto a certain pair of something ;p

- For the gun buffs, that's pretty much an M82 Barret 50cal, and made into a "Yoko version".

- In Japanese there is no 'L', so Littner sounds like rhit~tona, hence Ritona surname.

- Hair brushes from para-vine:…
- Max Factory 1:6 Yoko Figurine
- Abundance of brushes I got from IMAGINEFX September Issue.
- M82 Barret Sniper Rifle for reference
- My very old skeleton belt buckle (epic!)
-Will add more soon...

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Let me first say that I have not watched Gurren Lagann (A bizarre friend of mine only made me skeptical to join in watching.) so I can't comment on recognition or the setting. From what I can see here, this young woman is definitely a cartoon character with a comical sense of style. She's wielding this possibly high powered rifle like its more than a weapon of choice, its probably a part of her character.

The way she's been drawn overall is beautiful. Her wild hair and body gesture is hypnotic. In combination with the clothes, rifle, and background, I find myself wondering what she could be possibly doing out there by herself, looking so good, and wandering around with a flying mole rat creature of some kind. I saw this thumbnail and immediately had to take a closer look. The various materials within feel real without breaking at border between realism and art. The altered color at the bottom of this image helps her stand out even more, and gives her a more angelic or divine aura.

As a fan of Eddy Shinjuku's art, this vibrant image is testament to his skill and style. Keep up your great and inspiring work.
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She's great, and it's so dynamic … really efficient !
Great work !
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This looks grate love this anime
hiodollz's avatar
wow this is so pretty! I really like your drawing style! <3 
Foxy-Knight's avatar
Beautiful work, love the anatomy and sheer gorgeous technique.
seimeisamarian's avatar
Magnificent, truly a work well done
Roadkill-Sarny's avatar
Nice boots! And bikini top! xD
Wynterhawke07's avatar
To think that Yoko is only 14. O_O Anime girls sure mature a lot faster than a lot of IRL girls.
very beautiful!
voltomx's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous! I love your artwork, plus she's one of next cosplays :D
Felipe400's avatar
Beautiful work!
Yasakakatana's avatar
Sin lugar a dudas esta es la mejor imagen de Yoko que e visto.
fullerjames's avatar
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She looks cute,nice artwork
RedWingsDragon's avatar
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:iconimpossibruplz: <-------- Getting as good as you! xD
-----------IMPOSSIBLE SKILLS MATE!!!------------
 Explode la plz Explode la plz Explode la plz Explode la plz Explode la plz 
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wow, that is a brilliant artwork. She looks so amazing and she is amazing in the anime.
Eddy-Shinjuku's avatar
Don't mind the late reply mate, had to dig into the messages in my inbox to get to yours ;p

If you like Gurren Lagann, you should sought out the anime NEEDLESS, similar style to GL :nod:
Though I had the feeling you've beat me to it ^^;
fullerjames's avatar
and kill la kill, too, made by the same people
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Just finished watching gurren lagann

I'm really impressed with her boots and stockings you have done here!
Eddy-Shinjuku's avatar
You should check out another anime/manga produced by the same developers of GL, it's called NEEDLESS.
Maybe not as epic as GL IMO but the formula is quite similar. :nod:

Anyways awesome that you dug her in this depiction :D
PixelPandaa's avatar
ah, never heard of this, i'll check it out this weekend

Thanks :)
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