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Saber Fate Stay Night - Steps


Saber - Fate Stay Night (Quick Portrait) by Eddy-Shinjuku

The process above demonstrates the freedom of stylizing a semi-realistic manga face in unlimited ways possible once you have the foundation set - that is facial proportions, shown in the first 2 steps.
The first step accounts for 40% completion (not kidding!), get this about right and the rest is fun rendering.

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Very helpful in a simple way! Congratulationzzz!
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nice blending of colors.....
the skin tone was so awesome,, what application did you used?....
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I used Photoshop CC, I suppose most digital artist nowadays uses it, it's a universal tool for us sort of to speak.
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oh wow :-D 
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I really love it when artists take you through their drawing process. Its hard not to sorta just look at a finished piece of work and go "ooh, ahh thats pretty" and move on. But when you see how theyve actually done it, you're forced to sit there and look at every line and shadow and you can see just how truly brilliant this person is. Ive honestly been sitting here looking at this for near unto ten minutes. I love it! Beautiful work!
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This looks amazing! I just love the eyes and the hair looks so soft. I want to pet it. -.-
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I love how you did her hair. Shes adorable.
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Good tutorial. I'll try it, thanks for share :)
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lol it's hardly a tutorial, I wish I did a more in depth structure of the process - when you've figured out "step" 1 and 2 the rest you'll have the freedom to express your own style of rendering. 
Wow, love seeing the process. Good job :).
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Thanks, hope you find this useful ;D
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This is too awesome! Loving it. Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
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