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SNOWCAT - Shadowrun Commission

Location  Shadowrun

An abandoned foundling, Snowcat grew up on the streets of the Redmond Barrens in Seattle from an early age. As a teenager she became a member of the famous elven go-gang "The Ancients". Because of her tough childhood she is physically a bit fragile and draws her strength from her mind and magic. Trained in combat by the Ancients, she began a career as a Shadowrunner, using her supernatural and fairylike beauty, charm and magic to get her way and protect her people. She is a Mystic Adept, a fighter and a leader.

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Barrens ;)check, Ancients ;)pointy ears ;)check..., SR trademarks, tired eyes from a long run, Horizon makes bikes... maybe, but wait, why is her hair flowing forwards while she's driving at high speed? I guess that's some mystic adept special control thing so we can admire her nice backside. ;) By the way: Nice petals on her gloves.

This is awesome without even seeing this picture I have a very similar back story in the shadow run type campaign that we are doing, only difference is black hair instead of white

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In the meantime I had the artwork printed on acrylic. It's even more fantastic. It's hanging in our game room. I often stand in front of it to admire the details. Thanks again for this epic artwork.

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Such a fun drawing, well done!

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So Awesome 😎

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Great Piece. Very Dynamic.
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This is DOPE!!:la:

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A great piece ! :)
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I love it. Juste amezing!
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Awesome character! Excellent work!
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Outstanding!! :clap: :clap:
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Love the Shadowrun logo on the back of the bike! :D

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Love Love Love  LOVE IT!!Love Love Love 

Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap 
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This work of art is so incredible, I love everything about it. The play of colours is great, the dynamics of the scene is fantastic, the amount of details is unbelievable and Snowcat looks so strong and tender at the same time. I am amazed.

Thank you so much for this epic piece of art!

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Jaw dropping attention to detail ...:faint:

I have no capacity to comprehend how such marvels are possible.:shocked:

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great detailing and look
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Dang I just played both Shadow Run Dragonfall and Hong Kong so this is SICK.

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I'm Always amazed by yours works, so so stylized and detailed ...
Remarkable piece !
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Grateful to hear that!
It's sort of a niche to paint something '2.5D' if that makes sense (between 2D and 3D), not sure it's a good thing being different than most illustrations out there. Though I'm just very appreciative that there are folks that seeks this style.

Thanks again! 
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