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I can't imagine why I don't have this faved. Liara in a short skirt - YUM! :D
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Yeah i'd put that on the nose of my fighter. And in my bunk room.
Liara's beautiful as always...hello legs ^_^
Great pic, thanks for sharing
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Stellar job on making the skin look like it has actual depth. Very impressive.
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if only we could edit the Normandy, I've always wanted to paint the Normandy black and add a shark mouth nose art decal!


great nose art!

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WWII pinup + Liara = Win.

Favorited and saved.

Absolutely gorgeous.
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Many thanks for the support, awesome for that! XD
Yeah it's a mad idea at first, but somehow it turned out pretty in the end :nod:
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Lovely art. Excellent colour- and lighting- work. Good posture, anatomically correct. Good looking Asari skin. A highly detailed weapon and a great rendition of Liara all in all.
May not sound like much of a compliment, but considering that all of this could have gone wrong (as it often does with other artists). makes clear how awesome that work of you is.
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Color me Astonished.

Phenomenally done. :)
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Love it! Beautiful artwork!
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My favorite asari looks so gorgeous. Nice work!
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Great to hear this! :w00t:
You'll love her more here: [link] :meow:
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This have to be an outfit for Liara in the Game :D
Adorable :love:
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Many thanks!
I've sent you a link to a "better" version of this render, do check it out ;p
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You are just awesome... more than awesome :hug:
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She really looks all shiny and beautiful! :love: Nice one!

... but I bet Joker would rather have EDI painted on the Normandy.... ;)
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Indeed! :w00t:
I supposed this should do well on 'Normandy III' in the incoming ME4, these two are historical figures by then, unless Bioware decide to make a prequel which I don't agree much. Might as well create a totally new game to avoid continuity from the ME3 ending...
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First Shepard, now Liara.... wow. Beautiful.
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Many thanks indeed! These two are from a very big artwork I commission recently, I'll post it very soon when I get back home :w00t:
So stay tuned XD
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