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Little Fangirl Lightning - Final Fantasy

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Photoshop CS6: Painting Airbrushing and Illustration 
Working hours: 10+/- hrs

Young Miss Lightoningu-chan is mistaken for her idol. HINT: MASK
Just a fun little jibe at her being almost like the female version of a certain character from FF7 if you know your Final Fantasy stuff.  
Perhaps she played too much FF7 as a child and inspired to be like him, hence this quite familiar brooding-like persona.
Enjoy while waiting for Final Fantasy XIII-3: Lightning Returns.

- Square Enix


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KuroNekoKeefProfessional Artist
Powerful !! !! !!!
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Hello from :icondailygiveget:

I had a really hard time choosing just one of yours. Your work is amazing! But I'm a sucker for final fantasy. I really like the details you put into this-- the cloud mask, the lightening shirt, and the little moogle. And the cacutar on the wall XD
The laser sights pointed at her just really make this dynamic. Awesome work!
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Majora's Mask! Now with Cloud Form!!
Majora's Mask Intensifies Chat Icon 
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The first time I saw this picture was it beeing used as a background for a music compilation (by Pandora Music). Thought it was Kairi first, cause it would also make a lot of sense and the mask kinda looks like Sora...

Edit: Just realized there is a logo on the shirt. Wasn´t visible in the video because of the formatting. But damn.
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I like how theres more beams on the mask than her :)
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Well, where there's a Cloud, there may also be Lightning :P
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Eddy-ShinjukuProfessional Digital Artist
I guess you wore your cool looking shades today ;p
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Ho' yeah, I did.
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Kurozakura-es69Professional General Artist
Beautiful. Like me ! 😍❤️
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 best picture of lightning I've ever seen
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OMG !! Oops! this art is just AMAZING !! really good job Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] 
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TheExtremeGooseHobbyist General Artist
It's amazeballs :D
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BasherTheUCHobbyist General Artist
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AWESOMEE *-* <333
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Love the detail of her hair and hands. Very nicely done. This is an awesome piece.
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NicolePerez Traditional Artist
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This is absolutely breathtaking.
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wiedzminkaHobbyist General Artist
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They always think they in charge. Think they can take whomever they want, but that Lightning's problem! She ain't gonna be here long. She escaped 12 hold ups before, and this will just be another brick on that wall.
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She looks like Luka
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