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Photoshop CS6: Painting, Airbrushing, Illustration and Post-processing. Working hours: 20hrs+++

Just the ol' Bioshock 2 artwork that I've been working on for a while - this is my depiction of Eleanor Lamb with a little added zest, hope you guys enjoy it, cheers!
I'm thanking in advance for the comments and the time spent checking out this artwork, I'm on the run these days and will try to catch up with the replies, thankies! :w00t:

- Irrational Games and 2K Games for the Bioshock Series.
- In game screenshots for suit references.

Do check out my other Bioshock artworks, TQ ^_^

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I hate this game, but this art is gorgeous. 
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It 2019 and I saw this a long time ago when I was younger. Now I have found it I'm glad that I got to see this again. Bioshock 2 was my first and most favourite game when I was younger. playing it again and seeing the little sister and Eleanor make me happy to remember my childhood game. I love the art and Eleanor awsome job you did my friend.
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Awesome to hear that!

Out of the trilogy, B2 is my favorite, despite B:Inf being more expansive in both characters and world building. 
Maybe is just a nostalgia thing, or maybe games were better made back then lol

And thanks!

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Eleanor should have been the main character of a third BioShock since she's already loved by anyone who played 2 and you don't have to write in a new source of powers since she could just relearn her Plasmids,
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But how would it play out? My pitch?

*The year is 1970: cultural upheaval is commencing up in the world, but under the sea; the superpowers of the US & the USSR come upon the underwater city of "Rapture" & its dark secrets along with their superscience threatens to rewrite history! How far is one willing to go to ensure the extremities of ideologies don't escalate into the bloodiest of wars? That is an answer for Eleanor Lamb to figure out"

Waiting for your pitch out of curiosity
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This is amazing-- the colors stand out well in the underwater lighting. And I loved Eleanor's character :D
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Your Bioshock fanart is smimply stunning an so is this amazing looking picture of Eleano.
Seriously this is true perfection here :love:
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Quite the underrated character ...
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...wHoSe FlEeCe WaS wHiTe As SnOw...
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By the way, I am now sold. You're totally going in my watch list.
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ohh havent seen this one
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I think I´ve found my new favorite artist. I love bioshock #bestgame
This is beautiful
What art program did you use
awesome drawing
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HOLY SHIT, THIS IS AWSOME!!! :squee::squee::squee::squee::squee::squee::squee::squee:
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Hey, take your time with this reply.

I finally beat BioShock 2, and I was really happy with how effective Eleanor is as a fighter.  Hell, even as Good/Savior Eleanor (which was the ending I was aiming for), she sure enjoys a good asskicking and wasn't above showmanship.  Since I have taken care of my Rapture visit, I might as well move on to Columbia and explore the conflict that eats away at Booker DeWitt.

I also enjoy the fine details you gave Eleanor's suit.  It was clearly far different than the other Big Sister suits in the fact that it was simplistic and void of the bindings and shackles that seem to represent the mindlessness that the other Big Sisters, yet you avoided the convinence of just leaving it white.
Well, there's little problem with her suit but ... FUNK OF ! This is really beautiful ! (And not only because Eleanor is one of my favorite character of all time)
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Not so little any more. Nice job by the way.
It's hard to find good works featuring Eleanor, even on deviant art. I love this, what did you do to her face? because she looks beautiful.
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amazing one, i love the light and the composition! also, the red lights are a brilliant touch :)
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