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JiNX: Bang Bang Galore - League of Legends

Photoshop CS6: Painting and Airbrushing.
Working hours: 10 +/-

Let's blow some stuff up with Jinx in HD resolution of 1920X1080! :w00t:


- Riot Games and League of Legends
- DanLuVisiArt for brushset:…
- Jinx Trailer vid for face references. 

AHRI - League of Legends by Eddy-Shinjuku

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© 2013 - 2021 Eddy-Shinjuku
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I absolutely LOVE this one! Am I allowed to use this as my profile picture? I was thinking about streaming from time to time!

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I always wonder what is the key to draw those crazy eyes...

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wow, amazing! 
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I never played League of Legends, but I like her expression very much.
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Heyyy ! I'm here thanks to :icondailygiveget: , Nice to meet you ^^
I'm here to give constructive comment to your work ^^
First I have to say this is breathtaking ! You did a marvelous job by portraying such a heavy ambient in your piece of art ! I mean look at this ! Jinx looks extremely beautiful and you did catch both of her aspect : her crazyness and her badassness ! I just so love the flow of the drawing, they're heavily influenced by the glow on the bullet that makes us feel like if they moved, the breads as well, that gives such a powerful feeling that suits Jinx so well ^^ The background is intense ! So much details I love it <3
If I could give a small advice, I wouldn't be against a layer with a glow at ~50% opacity in Jinx' eyes, just to make her even more powerful ^^
I fell in love with this, thought it was official tho xD
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Oh, this Jinx is so FUCKING beautiful!!! Heart 
haha This Guy IS A F**KING LEGEND
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This is sooo good!
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0.o so
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Your artwork! It's incredible!
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league is my life
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I have never played LoL, probably never will, but holy crap this artwork is amazing!
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Very emotive.It really makes it stand out
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Holy cow man, that's actually really great.
You captured her overall personality into one picture. I bow down to you now.
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So Awesome! beautiful face in the motion :)
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Great emotion! Oh Noes! 
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